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True to its name, Curbside Cycle literally began on the curb, in a tent located just off of Bloor. Founder Don Watterson had realized that there was a need for a more practical form of transportation for the Annex’s committed urban dwellers, and set about converting customers’ rides into city bikes.

Though Don has long since stepped aside, Eric Kamphof and Aaron Enchin (Don’s stepson) still see their job as responding to the specific needs of Annex cyclists. One of the ways they do that is through the work of their head mechanic, Eli, described by the two as a “miracle worker” who has a reputation around the city for his incredibly fast tune-ups.

But that also means being the first in North America to import city bikes from Europe through their wholesaling firm Fourth Floor Distribution, or realizing that their customers needed quality locks to help defeat Igor Klenk’s roving team of bicycle bandits. "We feel very lucky to have the Annex as our foothold,” Eric explains, and they are committed to making sure their customers feel just as happy with their bicycles.

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