886 Queen St W, Toronto ON M6J 1G3
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Stepping into this cozy shop on Queen West is like stepping into another world, or at least another city — Paris and Milan come to mind. The sophisticated space has high ceilings, crown moulding and painted wood floors that are elegantly roughed up to give that Old World feel. Racks display a range of coats, blouses and dresses in colourful fabrics from difficult-to-find European brands like Les Prairies De Paris, Roberto Collina and Indress as well as the in-house line, Mercy. “Richard and I have travelled extensively over the last 20 years and we wanted the shop to showcase the treasures from our travels,” explains Gaspard co-owner Jennifer Halchuk.

Jennifer and her partner-in-design Richard Lyle have been working together since 1996 producing Mercy, a locally designed clothing brand known for quality fabrics. “We feel that all good things come from quality ingredients,” says Jennifer. “Good clothing needs to feel good to make you want to wear it again.” Both their local line and roster of international brands share a focus on timeless elegance and pieces that transcend seasons.

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