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  • Service: 1/5
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Golie(the owner) looks like a person; he is not. This is a man who figures he's gonna retire not long from now, so he's on a rampage. He would lie to your face, he would do anything to milk you for even the simplest thing. Do not take your car to Genuine Imports Auto Service. Save yourself the grieve

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If I could give this place zero star, I would! Avoid by all means.I wanted to write this post long time ago.This guy his name is Goli checked my car and called me later to tell me that my car engine broke down, and asked me to take my car from the garage. I told him to give me till tomorrow to find a scrap car removal, when I came the other day to tow the car, I found that he placed the car outside and I got a ticket!he was so rude and refused to pay the ticket!I still have a copy of that ticket

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Mini Cooper S

I was looking for someone to look at my car, it died on the friday of a long weekend and these guys were open on Saturday. I have many mechanics in my family, but unfortunately none of those are local. I got the same service and advice from these awesome individuals (Goldie) that I would have received from my family members. I would recommend this place for service on any car and I would just advise that you are patient because quality work takes time.

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Fire hydrant

I asked them to change the oil and they told me to come in an hour. O.k. There is a fire hydrant near the business. They changed the oil and put the car in front of this fire hydrant. When I came for the car (in 50 minutes) there was a parking ticket on my car. I gently asked the owner to resolve this issue. He gently agreed. I called him several times, he would promise but would do nothing and laugh at me. I had to pay for the ticket. I got depressed. It was my first experience with this business and the last one. Would never recommend anyone.

Service: 1/5
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