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  • Service: 1/5
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Mini Cooper S

I was looking for someone to look at my car, it died on the friday of a long weekend and these guys were open on Saturday. I have many mechanics in my family, but unfortunately none of those are local. I got the same service and advice from these awesome individuals (Goldie) that I would have received from my family members. I would recommend this place for service on any car and I would just advise that you are patient because quality work takes time.

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Fire hydrant

I asked them to change the oil and they told me to come in an hour. O.k. There is a fire hydrant near the business. They changed the oil and put the car in front of this fire hydrant. When I came for the car (in 50 minutes) there was a parking ticket on my car. I gently asked the owner to resolve this issue. He gently agreed. I called him several times, he would promise but would do nothing and laugh at me. I had to pay for the ticket. I got depressed. It was my first experience with this business and the last one. Would never recommend anyone.

Service: 1/5
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