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    Bad experience and POOR business practice

    I placed an order for a shoe that was advertised on their website. I do not think that it was wrong of me to assume that the shoe would be in stock when they took my money. Only when the payment had processed did I received an email informing me that " In the event that we do not have the size you have requested, an e-commerce rep will be contacting you directly to arrange for a full refund or alternate selection". So I waited for a few business days until I was alerted that they did not have my desired product in stock. Since the representative did not state that they would NOT be expecting anymore stock, I had to be informed of this AFTER explicitly asking about this, and was told since the "style is seasonal it does not appear we will be receiving more in stock as they are no longer in production". The style is listed as "FALL 2012" on their website, and as I am writing this in late October, I imagine it is STILL Fall of 2012. To summarize the Poor Business practices: - NOT informing customers until AFTER TAKING YOUR MONEY that there is a possibility that your desired product will not be in stock - NOT having listings of inventory being IN STOCK or NOT IN STOCK on your website - LISTING DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS ON YOUR WEBSITE, AND TAKING MONEY FOR THEM - NOT stating in the initial email that the product was discontinued, needing the CUSTOMER to need to explicitly ask about this important detail -Taking MULTIPLE BUSINESS DAYS TO ALERT ME OF THE ITEM NOT BEING IN STOCK -WASTING my time, and likely yours if you foolishly choose to do business with them These atrocious business practices lead me to wonder how they are still in business

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