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2035 Yonge St, Toronto ON M4S 2A2
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Grano started out in 1986 as an Italian bakery led by husband and wife team Roberto Martella and Lucia Ruggiero. "My background is in food and wine importations,'' Roberto explains, ''and Lucia is a graduate in anthropology at the University of Toronto. Like many Italian women, she learned our culinary traditions by her mother's side, and today she oversees everything culinary at Grano."

Over the years, the small bakery has grown. Today, it’s a full-fledged Italian restaurant that aims to celebrate Il belpaese (“the beautiful country”) through the table. Grano still bakes its bread and desserts in house, and has, at any given time, Toronto's greatest selection of olive oils for customers to purchase. Grano also serves up flavourful Italian dishes, fresh homemade pasta ladled with rich, tasty sauces and calamari considered amongst Toronto's best. And, of course, being an Italian restaurant, Grano also has a wine list that is second to none. "We celebrate everything Italy has to offer," Roberto says proudly.

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Unbelievably terrible service

Booked a quiet table in a room for 10 professional persons re-union and told them we needed a quiet space. Were given half of a party room with 20 plus others in the other half sending tsunamis of shrieks our way. Complained and were seated at a table right in front of a service area. Found this busy area unacceptable and were moved again into another space. Ordered the food. When rain started to come the leaky ceiling (rain coming down on our table--must have happened before but was not fixed) forced us to move back to the table at the service area. The food we ordered came 2.5 hours after we entered the restaurant and those who came much after us were served before us--incredible poor service and uncaringness. some of our group ordered the special which was not as described when it was served. A 15% serivce charge was automatically put on the bill and tax added to it!! I can't think of more ways to alienate clients and to send the message that this proprietor simply did not care....

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Been here multiple times and it never fails to please. One of the best Italian restaurants in the city (and I'm Italian so I know what I'm talking about!). Portions are right and it's priced right. Best calamari in the city! And the ambience is absolutely amazing -- feels like you're in Italy. The owner is one of the most affable people I've met! My only criticism is that service can sometimes be a bit slow. But the wait is well worth it!

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 3/5
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From Tuscany with love!

Grano is the most authentic Tuscan-Umbrian restaurant in the city of Toronto - by far. The decor is absolutely breathtaking. Owner Robert Martella has a penchant for majolica and rustic Tuscan-Umbrian decor, and it clearly shows. Unlike other Italian restaurants, with the idiotic red-and-white checkered table cloths and crappy music, Grano is the complete antithesis. Food is fantastic, atmosphere is reminscent of being in a rustic Tuscan trattoria, staff are incredibly upbeat (but not nauseatingly so) and very friendly. Check out the courtyard at the back - outstanding!!! Highly, highly recommend this place if you want to impress someone and show them you are cultured whilst enjoying your dining experience. This place begs for groups of 4 or more, as it tends to be boisterous and loud (but in a good way, not in an annoying fashion. Everyone just has a great time!)

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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A real taste of Italian

Love their courtyard! Great for couples or groups! Good food...squids were fresh & tasty. Will definitely go back again!

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 4/5
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