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    Great friendly staff with a good sense of community. I like that they help out street kids and their dogs.

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    Abbey T

    I am disgusted wi...

    I am disgusted with the customer service I've received on multiple occasions at Helmutt's. The staff are obnoxious, lazy, and far from friendly. Of course knowing that pet owners have limited resources down-town Toronto helps boost their arrogance. Needless to say, I would never recommend Helmutt's to anyone. I rather travel a bit further to get good customer service and competent staff.

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    Réponse du marchand 10 avril 2014

    In the complex world of pet food it has been proven that not everyone can be happy at the same time, but we are resolved to continue to work on a solution. Sadly, we have lost Abbey. We hope she is happy in the next pet food store she finds.

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