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Having coffee at Lit Espresso Bar, a quaint but spacious cafe in the heart of Roncesvalles Village, is akin to a wine tasting. Six different high-quality roasts are on the menu, and all can be ordered for drip coffee or espresso-based drinks. As owner Joe Angellotti explains, “Our coffee is so well developed, you can use it for both."

Lit’s story is one of hard work and natural talent. Joe had zero cafe experience when he opened shop in 2008, but he knew a good cup of coffee when he tasted one. He began competing in barista competitions and, in 2011, opened his own roastery, Pig Iron Coffee Roasters. That year, a Lit barista using Pig Iron’s coffee took home gold at Canada’s Brewer’s Cup and won third place at the World Brewer’s Cup, putting the little Toronto shop on the global stage.

Joe’s secret to the perfect cup? “It’s amazing consistency. On top of that, we source high-quality coffee. So those two things together, it's just a high-quality cup of coffee,” he says.

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