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At first, the Doberman pinscher isn’t at all happy about having its nails clipped, and whines and scrambles about on the smooth concrete floor of Ellen’s Pet Care. But by the time the grooming shop’s owner gets to a hind leg — calmly talking to the animal and gently stroking its soft muzzle — the dog is quiet and practically gives her its paw.

This is an example of why pet owners in Toronto’s Roncesvalles neighbourhood refer to Ellen Choi as the “Pet Wizard.”

“First I become friends with them and make them comfortable,” says Ellen as she waves goodbye to the pooch and its relieved-looking owner. “Then I make them look nice!”

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    I recently took m...

    I recently took my English Bulldog for a full grooming and she came back absolutely spotless. Not a wrinkle was missed! Her nails were done to perfection and she didn't seem stressed when I picked her up. Plus, as a bonus, it was even cheaper than when I take her to her usual big box store groomer. So needless to say, Ellen's our go-to now!

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    grace eunhye Y

    Best groomer eve!...

    Best groomer eve!=) I have a very difficult small dog..Allen understands them and is very patient. Thank you Allen!

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    Overpriced But c...

    Overpriced But cleaned place

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    I have been going...

    I have been going to Ellen for years and recommend her highly to everyone. She is gentle, kind, and does a great job. When I returned to pick up my cat the first ever visit to Ellen's, she told me my timing was good because she had just dried him. I asked if he had an "accident" but was told that a shampoo after being trimmed was part of the service. All this for $50, The vet's fee was over $300, partially because he came to my house and he insisted on renewing the cats vaccinations.

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    Laury R

    The Cat's Meow for Grooming

    Ellen did an amazing job! My cat has extremely long fur which gets matted very easily as it grows. He is also 19 years old and not always very patient. Ellen gave him a lion's shave that would be the envy of the jungle and kept him calm throughout the shaving, washing and drying processes. She has a gentle touch with animals and is warm and friendly with customers.

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    Great with cats!

    I get my cat shaved because of allergies and Ellen does a great job. I cannot believe how well my cat behaves when she is there!

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