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    Mona K

    I believe the sch...

    I believe the school has great potential, however if there are guidelines to follow, and not being followed by students, then I believe it's up to the director to instill the guidelines to be followed, and if students can not follow then they should be reprimanded ie clothing or languages ect. I appreciate the patience shown by instructor and the professionalism. This should be taught to every student. As they will carry this behaviour into the workforce and as well as ur schools name will be attached to that. Just something to think about as owner/director. Thank you

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    Horrible experien...

    Horrible experience at the school. Would not recommend it.

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    Awesome school, I...

    Awesome school, I just completed my make up course at school. I am very happy I was given complete attention and everything was taught in detail by my instructor she made sure that I grasped all aspects of Basic Makeup and much more I was also given days to practice what I actually wanted to learn beyond the course outline. I would definitely go back and learn Airbrush makeup at Universal.

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    Best Service

    I went to get my root touch up done, it was my first time I was recommended by my friend she had been going to universal for her hair service for long time I was very impressed to see her ombre hair color that she got done at universal academy. I was very happy with the service myself. The staff was so helpful, they made me feel very comfortable as if I was home. The students performed through consultation with help of instructor and they made sure that they understand what I wanted done before starting my service. I was very happy. The color was a perfect match and they gave me a beautiful blow dry style I felt so pampered. Thanks to staff and students to make me feel so great. I will definitely go back and send more people. Best Service, Great School Instructors where very helpful in educating the students.

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