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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Carol P

    Purchased an expensive android box which included 1 year warranty and free updates. After taking the box in for updates it no longer worked properly. Returned to the store and was told to contact the manufacturer for warranty. Contacted the manufacturer and after further testing they said the problem was caused by the updates the store had done and they wouldn't warranty. So if you have a choice just buy the cheap box to start with because these guys don't stand behind their products anyways.

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    I went to LGStore because I had heard good things about it however; I came away sorely disappointed, frustrated feeling i was trying to be scammed . From the moment I stepped into his tiny office he seemed extremely impatient. I had a screen problem with my HP laptop that I was hoping he could fix. When I told him that I had disassembled the screen myself and checked the lcd cable he said abruptly, "You really shouldn't do that, you know," adding that I could have "fried" something.

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