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    Karen H

    Very poor customer service

    Worse customer service I've ever experienced. no one to help you and you have these clip boards you have to pick out your fish and fill it out . After taking 30mins where no one asked if I needed assistance I waited at counter. Once someone finally saw to me the gentleman proceeded to say he would not sell me the fish I wanted because they would die. He told me I had to wait one month before I could even buy fish for my tank. No suggestion just refusal to sell. Was totally insulted still am.

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    Nicholas K

    The Staff Don't Know Anything

    The staff at big als are not very friendly. When i ask for their help, they will come and assist me although they don't really know much about their products. The usually seem depressed all the time. i love big als products and their variety of fish but they really need to work on hiring better people for the job that actually know about pet supplies.

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    Holly B

    Some good product...

    Some good products and fish and plants but the staff isn't friendly at all. I have been here several times for the product only I don't even want to talk to the staff anymore just find what I'm there for and get out.

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    Great service, aw...

    Great service, awesome prices. ☺

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