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1400 Provincial Rd, Windsor ON N8W 5W1
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Very unfriendly team . Don’t recommend this place.

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Dr. Sherman is only in it for the money, if your medical needs don't relate to her spa side of her practice, she will drop you like a bad habbit, then on to the next potential profit. If you're sick, don't waste your time with Sherman.

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Gorgeous spa, won...

Gorgeous spa, wonderful staff, first class treatment. Excellent advice and services. Make an app't today! Get pampered!

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What a great place!!!

I LOVE this spa!!!... we had our bridal spa party there three years ago and hooked eversince... just had an amazing massage with Caryn last night! so relaxing and gets the kinks out everytime. I definitely 100% recommend coral spa and all of the staff there, its a real gem here in Windsor!... THANKS CARYN!

Service: 5/5
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Dear Dr. Sherman

I would like to thank you for being there for me. Before I started coming to you, I felt really bad. Insomnia, hot flashes, and feeling like my body was a spring that was getting tighter and tighter and because of that feeling so much anxiety. Since I have been taking your perscribed hormones I feel like a new woman! A much younger woman!.. I sleep well, I feel rejuvinated and full of energy, no more hot flashes and no more anixiety. Do I still have stress in my life? Yes I do, but positive stress. I am able to work my eighty five hours a week and still keep up my home and social engagements. I have so much engergy that I have finsihed a project I had started twelve years ago. I have just completed and published my first children's book! Thank you again! I don't know where i'd be right now if i had not come to Coral. Sincerely, JoAnn T.

Service: 5/5
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Thanks Dr. Sherman!

I love Dr Sherman,she is the best in the city. Love the peaceful,relaxed atmosphere and the staff is amazing. I highly recommend Coral to everyone from friends and family to co-workers. It is a great Spa to spend a "me" day from everything from mani-pedi's to massages and much much more ! ♥ it !!

Service: 5/5
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Wedding party of my dreams!!!

“I just had my wedding party at Coral and I just wanted to say how professional everyone was and how relaxing this experience was for all of us. Being the bride I was so happy that everything was taken care of... it took away a lot of stress for me. I thank Ken for making this day possible by fitting us in. And a special thanks to all the girls…Ella did an awesome job. Thank you and I will be back… :)

Service: 5/5
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If you are looking for Gel Nails, please find an alternative to the nails being offered at this salon. Within 5 days of having the gel applied they lifted. I must also say when the gel was applied I was not satisfied with their appearance but decided to give it a couple of days. When I called to tell the salon of my experience. I was offered to come in and have them repaired? I explained that they were beyond repair and I simply wanted them removed. I was offered an appointment for their removal - which I was told would be complimentary? I did not attend the appointment since the rest pealed off the following day. Considering I was not happy with the results I was surprised a credit was not offered. The cost was $60 dollars and it took two hours, in hind sight not worth the time or cost involved. It is a shame this Spa does not stand behind it's products or services, I won't be going back.

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Réponse d'entreprise 4 août 2010

Thank you for commenting on your experience... I would like to explain what we do in the rare cases when the gel nails chip, lift or fall off. The Bio-Sculpture Gel Nail System is considered to be one of the best all-natural gel nail products available on the market today. Their product is dust, odour and fume free. Due to this fact, proper home care is required in-order to preserve the life and strength of the gel product. At the time of the initial application it's always recommended that the customer purchase the Bio-Sculpture Cuticle Oil to maintain the gel's strength and integrity at home. There are some cases when the gel application does not last. Generally speaking it is due to using or exposing the nails to certain chemicals (industrial cleaning products) and certain lotions that prevent the gel from properly forming to the nail, especially when it's within a few days of the initial application. Our policy is to always invite the customer to come back in so we can remove what's left of the product and determine the exact reason(s) for the gels lifting and falling off. At that time the service provider will discuss in more detail proper home care instructions and once again recommend the cuticle oil product. The service provider would also discuss with the customer whether they would like another gel application (which is 100% NO-CHARGE) or just have them removed at which time a FREE manicure would be provided. I would love the opportunity to discuss with you once more. Please contact us and ask for the General Manager. Thank you.

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