Texas Pit Restaurant & Bar


Type de restaurant

  • Bar,
  • Restaurant déjeuner,
  • Sandwicherie,

Type de cuisine

  • Cuisine canadienne,


  • Déjeuners,
  • Poulet,
  • Omelette,
  • Crêpe américaine,
  • Salade,
  • Sandwich,


  • Déjeuner servi toute la journée,
  • Menu du midi,
  • Restaurant avec bar,
  • Restaurant avec stationnement,
  • Mets à emporter,


  • Famille,
  • Décontractée,

Produits et services

  • Côtes levées,

Langues parlées

  • Anglais,
5731 Highway 7, Woodbridge ON L4L 4Y9
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  • 11 $ à 25 $,

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Frankie A

We thought the se...

We thought the service was OUTSTANDING! My husband and I ordered the hamburger combo and decided to split a milkshake. The Milkshake was s really authentic (think 50's diner, yummy!!!) While enjoying the shake, I spilled my milkshake by accident and the guy behind the counter not only made me a new one, but didn't charge for MY mistake. The food was great. Very clean. We would and have gone back!!!

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Horrible Service

My boyfriend works in Vaughan and saw this place on his way home from work one day. We decided to stop in on his way home from work. We ordered a hamburger combo and a Ranch burger. An older lady took our order and we paid (I believe it was about $12.00). When our order was finished it was only the ranch burger. We asked about the hamburger combo that we ordered and were told that we said that we didn't want it. We told them that this was untrue and there were two of us there so why would we only order one hamburger? My boyfriend went up to pay for the hamburger combo and the older lady was still saying that we told her that we didn't want the hamburger combo. My boyfriend was a little frustrated at this point and told her again that there were two of us, the hamburger combo was mine and the ranch burger was his, to this her reply was "well what do you expect for $12.00?". After a few words back and forth, my boyfriend still reiterating that we wanted two hamburgers and tht the older lady did not listen to our order in the beginning, another lady behind the counter proceeded to come up and started yelling at my boyfriend that she didn't like the way he was speaking to the older lady and wanted us to leave. The second lady told my boyfriend that she would give him his money back for the ranch burger that he had paid for. We went to the cash register only to be berated by this woman for another 5 minutes about how we were rude and she wanted us to leave (we would have if we were given our money back). To top it all off, above their kitchen they have a sign saying that their customers are important to them and that they will do anything to make their customers happy. We didn't go in with the intention of causing trouble, we simply wanted our food and when our order was incorrect we wanted it to be rectified. Apparently that was too much to ask at this place.

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the restaurant is classifed under mexican but...

the restaurant is classifed under mexican but they don't serve mexican food at all. great breakfast and place was clean.

Atmosphère: 4/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 4/5
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