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    Karine V

    Attendre 1h 10min pour une commande qui fut annulé à notre issus (succursale de Brossard). Après un appel au service à la clientèle, un délai de 20min, aucune explication quoique service courtois, refus du gérant de répondre à notre perplexité, aucun dédommagement...nouvelle commande ailleurs et famille mangeant à 20h un lundi soir...merciiiiiiii

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    Queenn H

    Double pizza has ...

    Double pizza has the worst customer service ever. From the frontline agents to the supervisors. I placed an order, when the delivery man came only half of my order had arrived. My order was placed wrong as indicated on the receipt and even my phone number was wrong. When I called in to notify them of the mix up, I was told that I was the one who "misunderstood" I told the agent, did I misunderstand my phone number as well? I got fed up and spoke to the supervisor. She told me everything was good on her end until she listened to the call of me placing my order. She never once apologized! She did however say that she will place another order but I will have to pay again but with a 10% discount. This solution was unacceptable to me so I declined. After exchanging a few words with her she hung up on me! I called again and she says "your not going to get anyone else" and chuckled and hung up on me again. Her name is Tak and her manager is Bani. I sent an email to the email that they posted on their site and I will also go to the consumer protections of Quebec if they do not contact me. Do not bother with company and don't use your money on these people. Save it for a well deserved company that has standards in how they run a business.

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    Maria Elena E

    No star rating if...

    No star rating if possible. after over a hour of waiting for my food on a Sunday after noon they charged me for the wrong thing! Didint want to reimburse me! Audacity to offer a credit, like if I'll orde again. The people are rude and careless. Worst customer service!!!!

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