3079, boul des Sources, Dollard-des-Ormeaux QC H9B 1Z6
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    I could tell you that this Canadian Tire is very good. We are always very well serve and the employees are always very polite, compared to the one in KIRKLAND were the staff is not patient and annoyed when you ask question. CONTINUE THE GOOD WORK!!!

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    Jean-Philippe R

    Big changes, big improvement, not the store it used to be a year ago!

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    Ben W


    AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS! I could tell you the full story but to keep it simple. 1. The manager is rude, this is more than once he has been rude, so not just him having a bad day. 2. If Canadian Tire thinks you need to do more jobs, they put you on the spot and expect you to say yes to EVERYTHING straight away. They don't even give you a few minutes to let you think what to do and the way it is put to you is incredible rude. It doesn't matter if the jobs they want to do are $100 or $1,000, they will expect a decision on the spot and it is put to you that way as well. 3. The workers who work on your car, often aren't great. To be fair one or two have been ok but they don't stay at Canadian Tire long, they leave for independent garages. BTW every review on YP and on Google for this Canadian Tire Auto Centre are all 1* (the lowest rating you can put on both sites).

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    never go to Canadian tire for auto repair

    it was sunday june 2, 2013 when i went to canadian tire in Dorval 3079 Boul.des Sources to get my car alignment since that wheels were not aligned properly so i agreed to get it fix for $74.00 plus tax, they told me that it's about an hour job. So when they called me i thought that my car is fixed ,they told me that they can't do the alignment cause they have to replace the front table bushing and they told me that my front upper engine mount also needs to be replaced , this came shocking to me because i just replaced all 3 engine mounts 2 weeks before so i knew right away that they were not telling me the truth, they told me that it will cost me $450 plus tax to get my car fixed but if i don't want them to fix it i have to pay $45.00 for the check up. so i said i agreed to pay $74.00 plus tax for alignment since that you didn't align my wheels why are you chrging me $45.00 so i paid the fee. next day i went to auto v where i usually get my car fixed and they told me that my front table bushing is normal and still ok . that's why folks don't ever go to Canadian tire for auto repair they are corrupt and scam bags and thieves.... no wonder they have a bad reputation. . but what i don't understand is they don't know the secret of successful business is repeat customers they will make more money if they are honest what a shame it's the person who's running it is responsible the manager..

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