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  • Service: 1/5
Eve L

Really, insult me again....

I came in to buy a new car.......They offered me 8000$ for my car..........Every other dealership offered me 14000$ are you kidding me. I was coming to Gatineau because it was more convenient for me.....I guess they thought that a young woman like me didnt know the value of her car........

Service: 1/5
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Réponse du marchand 22 novembre 2012

We are sorry to here that you were disappointed with the amount you were offered for your car. Please take into consideration that if it was not a hyundai make or model we are not the ones responsible for purchasing your car. We simply present you with the best price we got for it from our wholesalers. Naturally if an error has occurred we would like to make it up to you, If your car is really worth what you say it is worth please post the make and model as well as the year and we can check things out for you again it would be our pleasure.

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