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    DON'T BUY THEIR GROUPON! They do not answer their phones or respond to email. They did not respond for 4 weeks even after Groupon investigated them. I don't know how many people rating are fake. I made an account here just to warn people because Groupon doesn't allow it to make sale.

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    Nice Cars Beware

    This place is pretty sketchy. Do not bring your car there for anything other than a basic wash. They did a pretty good job on the interior, but the car smelled like really strong toxic solvents for weeks.

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    Annabelle D

    Very personnalize...

    Very personnalized service! Small place but they do an amazing job! My SUV was like new after and my seats were dirty with the dog as they are made of fabric! Bought the package there and was speechless when I returned to pick up my vehicle! I'm going back for sure!!

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    WOW simply Amazing work

    So I was looking at places that wash cars, of course with everything going up. I wanted something not so heavy on the wallet. So after searching, lave auto royale stood out. A nice website with the pricing. I think a company just starting up. So took in my van, with stains and salt and got the special of wash, wax, shampoo, vacuum, basically a whole solid wash for .... guess how much.... $90. Yes the price seems low, and maybe cause people to think they wont get their money worth. But you will not be disappointed, I was very very pleased with the customer service, and how the car turned out. I was also late coming in for my appointment and they took me in no problem. Cant say the same for some other companies if you miss it even by 10 minutes you basically got to re-book. So in the end, lave auto royale is a small place but the work gets done really well. Will always take my business to them. * yes a long review, but wanted to show that for the price I paid the special is simply a steal.

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    Réponse du marchand 2 juin 2014

    Thank you sir, it's always a pleasure, looking forward to pleasing everyone, They Treat you like you treat Them...

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