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3150 rue Remembrance, Lachine QC H8S 1X8
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    My biggest gripe is the smell. Often there is a stench of sour milk as you go in or in the dairy section, and sometimes spills in that section on the floor or in the milk fridge. Sometimes the smell of rotten meat can be smelled on the side of the building. It is so bad that I feel like turning around and marching right out but I proceed to hold my breath and gather my items as quickly as possible. They usually have at most one cash open along with the self checkout. The 8 or less usually closed

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    This is one of the worst Maxis ever.There are always crazy line ups.If you have only a couple items its best to go to self check out..where God forbid anyone approve my age for buying a bottle of wine.I shouldve​ waited in line at the cash at that point. Cashier comes and doesnt even greet me piece didentité she asks rudely and looks as if she doesnt want to help me/do her job.She then proceeds to tell me that I have to wait in line at the cash?!Meanwhile the other self checkouts were functional

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    A young white female was the cashier who attended to us when we bought beer and ice cream Sunday night around 7-8 pm sept 2. She did not hide her disdain towards us - because it took us a few seconds longer to use credit card chip instead of ‘swiping’ it. She threw the receipt and ball pen towards us and asked me to sign it. This behavior showed lack of respect and insensitivity. I recommend customer service training if not firing. How dare you??? !!!!

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    C’est toujours long comme service. Il n’y a jamais plus de 3 caisses ouvertes incluant celle à 8 articles et moins. Service incroyablement long même à la caisse “rapide” car il y a toujours des clients qui achètent de la loterie pour un an ou un retour parce qu’un client pense s’être fait charger 0,25$ de trop pour des raisins. Épicerie absurde. C’est dommage car nous n’irons plus faire notre épicerie. Je préfère aller chez le concurrent et ne pas perdre minimum 20 min à attendre en ligne.

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    Pro: really really good prices Cons: good luck to get a basket, you need to get them at the cashier 2-3 cashiers open max, never more Waiting time at the cashier is ridiculous, take always 15 min. When you go to the 8 articles and less it s even longer because there is always someone with a van of beer who wants to return them, a guy with 25 tickets of 0,25$ consigne , someone who doesn have money on his bank account or either someone with 25 articles.

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    Very cluttered..staff not willing to move as they stock shelves even during busiest times..2 if 3 cashes open at most and if you go to the express god forbid you have more than the 8 items or you are told straight out not to do over the limit again..we had 10 and the rest of the 2 cashes were full baskets but we were told the limit at the express cash was 8 items..was never so embarrassed and disgusted with the cashier

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    I've tried going here many times because i live nearby, but the shelves are always empty. nothing is ever on special because there's never anything left. they don't even have rotisserie chicken or cat litter, it's ridiculous. i've never seen such a terrible maxi.

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    Cashiers are friendly, if they made a mistake they will make sure they correct it with out hassle!

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