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    The food at this very clean restaurant is simply delicious! The Mediterranean flavour is offered on a plate with an affordable price. Also staff are fast & friendly.

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    The food is always fresh and tasty . The food portions are very generous and the prices are affordable . The service is always quick and friendly . Not to mention the cleanliness of the restaurant! Best restaurant to go to for a quick delicious bite !

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    When we arrived to MTL we were very hungry, so we decided to go to the first restaurant we saw. Inside the restaurant there was lots of seating and the washroom was very clean. It was just too hot inside the restaurant. The staff was very nice. We chatted about MTL and he mentioned fun things to do. And he even offered to go back to Toronto with us. :D We ordered Shrimp with rice, coleslaw and potatoes and Beef with rice, salad and potatoes. The portions are good

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