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    Oliver P

    poor quality/overpriced

    I took in a dress to be cleaned. They returned it to me still dirty and said that it was the best that they could do, but still charged me. I also find their prices very high for the quality. I took the dress elsewhere, and it was cleaned properly. When I was there, there was another woman in complaining that one of her blouses had been ruined.

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    Réponse du marchand 17 avril 2014

    Customers constantly bring garments to Bellingham to remove stains that other cleaners were not capable of removing or to rectify problems caused by other cleaners. Our team has over 350 years of experience in the dry cleaning trade. We have no record of this complaint on file and are usually quite generous in waiving charges in the case of the infrequent unsatisfied customer.


    Ruined my wedding gown!

    BRIDES BEWARE Wished I had seen this review before leaving my wedding gown to be dry cleaned with them. They had been recommended... It looks like someone took their days frustration out on the dress! Not to mention they were still unable, after all that abuse, to take out a rum and coke stain. I'm disgusted with their customer service, they clearly did a lousy job but management refused to apologize. They had the audacity to charge me for their services which I refused to pay. They should be paying me a new dress! Wonder if there are any ways of making them replace what they have damaged? Any advice is welcome

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    Réponse du marchand 18 mars 2014

    This customers' wedding gown had several very bad stains and the customer was informed at acceptance that there was a very limited chance of 100% stain removal. She also signed a waiver of liability to acknowledge this. After processing, one bad stain remained on the dress which the customer claimed was rum and coke. The customer insisted that we re-attempt to remove the stain. Our expert technician tried once again to remove the stain but with no success. We then had to re-clean and re-press the dress a second time as a result of having worked on the stain. We explained to the customer that if we worked on the stain any more that there was a risk of making a hole in the fabric. She refused to accept this explanation so we allowed her to take her dress at no charge as a goodwill gesture.


    Damaged my clothes and refuses to pay!

    They shrunk four of my dress shirts. They admitted it was their fault but several months and multiple phone calls later I'm still waiting for compensation. With the prices they charge you would expect better customer service. Take your clothes elsewhere - you'll get better service and it will cost you 30% less than at Bellingham. Very poor service indeed!

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    Réponse du marchand 17 avril 2014

    We have no record of a complaint damaging four shirts belonging to the same customer. Most shirts sold are pre-shrunk so there is an extremely remote possibility of shrinking four shirts in our operation let alone all belonging to the same customer. If we accepted liability for damages as this customer states we would have promptly settled with him. We are the largest solely owned dry cleaner in Montreal in business since 1940 and certainly did not grow to this size by mistreating our customers. Our reputation is based on quality and service.

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