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Elle aimait la scène alternative. Après avoir travaillé dans quelques bars, la mère de William, le gérant et l’administrateur de MTL Tattoo, se lance dans le perçage. Elle découvre les opportunités qu’offre le marché encore embryonnaire du tatouage. En 1997, elle ouvre une boutique, sur Saint-Denis, près d’Ontario. Dès les premiers jours, il y a une file d’attente. William n’a alors que 8 ans.

Aujourd’hui, les gens recherchent une œuvre exclusive qui, au lieu de les marginaliser, souligne leur individualité grâce une esthétique distinctive. «Nos artistes tatoueurs créent de plus en plus de compositions graphiques impossibles à faire à la main. Ils utilisent Photoshop pour les réaliser», souligne William.

MTL Tattoo  a toujours été à l’avant-garde du tatouage, passant des dessins standards aux tatouages personnalisés, réalisés une seule fois pour un seul client. Les mentalités ont évolué et le tatouage, autrefois réservés à l’underground, aux bikers et aux punks, est devenu de plus en plus socialement acceptable. «J’ai grandi dans un milieu où tout le monde était tatoué; c’est juste devenu normal», raconte William.

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    pepe ze best!!!

    now i dont know much about tattoos but i went into MTL tattoos and fell upon Pepe,he was hilarious.He took the time to listen to my ideas and answer all my questions about the process.He is an awesome artist too!His drawings are sick.When i came back to see the drawing he did for me , i was totally stoked.It was even better that what i first imagine.While i was getting tattooed , he kept me at ease and was very entertaining.Which helped me forgetting a little bit about the pain.In overall i've been really impressed by his professionalism and quality of work.If you're thinking getting tattooed there,go for Pepe,he's cool and has major skillz..I only have great comments from people about my tattoo.I'm really proud of it :)

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    Tristan-- Terrible Experience

    I got my first tattoo at MTL. Can't speak about the other artists there, but my artist (told me his name was Tristan) was unbelievably impatient. The first day I talked to him, he made it seem like he would be perfect, making bogus remarks like "Yeah, you're the boss," and assuring me that he would work with me to draw up exactly what I wanted. The day of my appointment, however, he suddenly had this completely different personality, hurrying the process and even irritatedly saying once, "No need to worry about millimeters now, the idea is still there." If I only cared about the idea and not the design, I wouldn't get a tattoo. The tattoo I wanted was very simple and only took a few minutes to draw up. I had several complaints about his drawing. He redrew it once to fix some of them, but to other serious complaints, he simply assured me that he would draw it differently when he actually did it on my skin. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a tattoo stencil? Being new to tattoos and the whole process, I naively believed him. The tattoo was done quite poorly. He did not change the angles and lines I complained about earlier as he had promised. For a symmetrical object, it was very asymmetrical. "Maybe I was just being picky?" I thought. So I asked many friends to give me their honest opinions (BEFORE revealing my own thoughts), and many of them told me that it looked like poor work. Additionally, I have since visited a few shops to get it looked at for a possible cover-up, and several artists vowed that nothing so poorly-done would ever come out of their shops. I've seen some of Tristan's other work and it's not bad. I don't know if he was just having a bad day, but whatever it was, I sincerely believe he deserves this rating. And I deserve this terrible tattoo for not having the courage to forget about my deposit money, get up, and walk out.

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