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New and first-time parents in Montreal now have an alternative to jars of baby food sold in supermarkets: Mini Traiteur caters to little palates with age-appropriate, nutritionally complete meals.

“We carry a large selection of meals that provide adequate nutrition to all ages, from infant to teenager,” explains Lionel Adou, who started the catering business with his life partner Eva Barsovska. “For babies six months and under, we offer a range of smooth purées; from 8 months on, we introduce more solids in each of our purée recipes. From 12 months to 4 years, things get even more solid with our ‘Mini morceaux’ range, with more varied ingredients for an appropriate nutritional profile. Then we have the teenager and adults range, in age-appropriate portions for 2 or 4 people.” Mini Traiteur definitely has something for each member of the family.

Healthy eating is a founding principle of the business: “all our baby food is salt-free, because before the age of two, the kidneys aren’t developed enough to process sodium. We also avoid common allergens such as dairy.” All products are prepared from scratch on-site, using fresh ingredients. “We also know the origin of all of our ingredients, which enables us to guarantee the quality of our food.”

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