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    Zhiguan T

    This administrato...

    This administrator, Muriel, is extremely impatient. before I signed the lease, she was nice and very willing to help me, but after I signed the lease, she changed and never was patient for anything. This apartment is good except Muriel. Seriously, I really hope this company would change another administrator.

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    This Muriel lady ...

    This Muriel lady is super impatient about almost everything. Even when I went to pay the rent, she is like give me your money and goodbye. Tell her any of the problems you have with the apartment, and never expect any reply would come back.

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    Karen D

    this building's s...

    this building's superintendent Muriel is a awful superintendent. when you have some problem with this building, she will be impatient and she will reprimand on you, at the end, she just leave with anger. if you want to stay comfortable, you need a great superintendent to maintain the building. so, if you want to find a great apartment, do not choose this one. I will leave when the contract end.

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