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“When we bought Zouvrac off of its previous owner, we saw a major gap in the industry for quality pet products, ”says Olivier Monset, who manages Zouvrac with his friend François Laurin. “So we set out to understand the needs of each customer to find the best solutions for each pet owner — and of course, each pet,” says Olivier, who with François, can now look back on a mission well accomplished. Their store is a mecca for pet lovers looking for something a little extra for their best pal.

“It was out of the question to sell live animals: we wanted a store that sells nothing but the best pet accessories, with a focus on excellent service,” Olivier adds. Sticking to their vision, Olivier and François overhauled the store’s selection upon taking possession, upgrading the quality of products, which they saw as a better investment down the line. “We also want customers to realize that there is more — and better — out there than what’s sold in big-box stores. We were among the first to sell quality frozen raw food, which is an excellent diet for dogs,” he points out by way of example.

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