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    exceptional service

    I visited this dry cleaners location multiple times for various alterations. I was so impressed with the overall exceptional quality of the work done! I do not think that I have ever seen better alteration work before, I was speechless. I had various things modified and they were all done really quickly and for reasonable prices! If you ever need alterations done, this is the place! No matter the difficulty of the task, the owner and her team raise to the challenge and the result is beautiful! The owner is an incredibly nice and polite lady, who is very thorough and who takes her work seriously. She is so professional and so nice. Also, she is incredibly accommodating and she goes out of her way to ensure things get done on time. I have just picked up a dress that was too small and that I had altered and I was speechless when I took it back: it literally looked like new. I could not believe it looked so good. I plan on bringing other dresses to be modified, since I know the results are going to be great. Therefore, if you need any alterations, do not hesitate to visit this place, you would be very happy with the results. It is really refreshing to see someone paying so much attention to the detail to always ensure the quality of their work. Also, I totally agree with the comments of the other reviewer!

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    I would definitely recommended it

    This is actually the Vincent D'Indy Dry Cleaner & Tailor that I went the other day which one of my friend recommended me. I had few alterations and couple dry cleaning to be done and went to this dry cleaner and I was actually very surprised by the quality of the service and the knowledge of the seamstress. The place is really nice and clean. The seamstress is extremely experienced and nice.She took the time to understand my needs and did exactly what I wanted for my dress. I am very happy that I discovered this wonderful place. I will definitely go back again and recommended it to everyone. Louise

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