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    Tina M

    great sushi and its BYOB!

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    Nebi L

    Service was aweful, worst ever. The waiters and manager were rude and blamed us for not ordering correctly after we told them that we repeatedly asked for service that never came. They kept rushing us and purposely kept mixing our orders and blamed us that it was our fault. The sushi was poorly made and tasteless. They made us pay without completing our order. Then made us reorder after we told them we're simply not paying. Food came in worst and sloppy-got a good laugh with how bad it came out!

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    Pamm J

    This place has so...

    This place has some horrible service, the worst service i have ever gotten. They had taken over an hour just to bring our drinks, most of the food we ordered never came to our table, was not served water for at least 30min and ontop of it all our waitress chased us for a bigger tip then what she deserved. If you plan on having all you can eat sushi go across the street to st jean sushi. I can promise it is 100× better. Will never be coming here again.

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