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    These guys are the best !

    Purchased an almost mint guitar (strat copy) about 2 years ago for cheap $150. Problem was I couldn't play it, as it was totally out of tune. They straightened the neck, put new tuners on, replaced the input jack and did the intonation tuning. I love playing this guitar now. SWEET ! They are the real deal. Save that guitar and bring it to them.

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    Lee B

    Option Plus Musique

    For the Quick readers out there who want a simple Yay or Nay for this Shop it's a Emphatic Yes! Go and see them it'll be the best thing you've ever done. For the more detailed version. I've been going to this shop for about 3 years and i have to say I've loved every second of it. I play bass and guitar and I've needed quite a few set ups and fine tuning over the years and the staff have always been helpful and understanding. It's also the only shop i know of that still has that mom and pop feel to it. Where you can get to know the owner and vice versa. Where you can sit and talk tech together in a relaxed environment. They also have one of the best used sections I've seen. They buy outright, none of this consignment junk. Straight cash for your git and they always have something interesting on the wall. The thing i like most is the location, i live on the west island making it a quick walk or an even faster bus ride. Not at all a hassle, and i always know who's working on my guitars, since they do all the repairs on site. You always know where your guitars are and who touches them. They even handle amp repair, i don't think there's anything these guys can't fix. Anyway 5 stars, will never go to any other guitar shop. Check them out! And keep on picking!!!

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