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    Buyer beware!

    Buyer beware, this is not a professional establishment. A small amount of research reveals a serious customer service problem, and my experience was the same. The owner is not knowledgeable, and refuses to admit her mistakes. In my case, I brought my daughter in for a simple pair of ballet shoes. The owner only showed me one pair and assured me they fit properly even though my daughter complained they were tight. Reluctantly I purchased them after the owner explained that they needed to be tight

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    La C

    Went in, asked fo...

    Went in, asked for tendonitis ribbons, all I got was a cold ''I don't know what you're talking about''. I looked around me and realized that Wendy's boutique's expertise is limited to children's wear in a snazzy 80's decor. If you're looking for professional dance accessories, they won't know what you're talking about.

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    Marjorie C

    The staff are kno...

    The staff are knowledgeable and have actual experience with fitting dance shoes because many of them have actually danced. The selection is good and reasonably priced. I am aware of a strict 'returns' policy for hygiene reasons - which frankly is a good thing because you don't want previously worn intimate garments.

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    Bring your business elsewhere!

    I am the type of shopper that likes to give my business to local shops; you tend to a personalized service-not in this store! The owner(an older woman with short gray hair)is very condescending, rude and arrogant. If you buy something and have a problem with it trust me she won't try to make it better. Stay away from this shop and remember in this store the owner is always right!

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    Worst service ever

    If you can go anywhere else, avoid this shop. The woman who served me was one of the most unpleasant shop assistants I have ever met. She doesn't dance and clearly knew nothing about fitting dance shoes. I left angry, frustrated, and with no shoes. I finally bought my shoes at another dance store in Montreal where the service was wonderful. This shop does not deserve your money.

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