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    Tres professionnel. Bonne qualite!

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    Belle équipe a l écoute des besoins de leurs clients et produits de qualités. Je suggère

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    En faillite

    Je possède des fenêtres git et quand j'ai voulu faire appliquer la garantie on m'a dit que la compagnie était en faillite. La compagnie est en faillite faites attention.

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    Réponse du marchand 1 mai 2017

    Bonjour InfinityAudio, de toute évidence vous êtes mal informé, l'entreprise n'est pas en faillite. Michel Fafard Propriétaire de l'entreprise de 1997 à 2008 est de retour comme propriétaire depuis mars 2017. Si vous souhaitez un appel de service Monsieur Fafard vous invite à le contacter au 514-323-2954, il se fera grand plaisir de répondre à votre demande. Nous sommes sur le point de célébrer notre 50 ième anniversaire en 2018, Monsieur Fafard souhaite poursuivre l'aventure bien au-delà.


    I own GIT windows...

    I own GIT windows and doors for 23 years now. It is very impressive the quality of those windows, since the look and perform the same way as when I bought them. I had to change one thermo, and the customer Service helped me and my wife very nicely. Their warranty also delivers an extra peace of mind, since we had labor included for 10 years. So when we changed the thermo, it was free of charge!

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    Do NOT PAY until satisfied!

    Me and 2 other home owners ordered 3 doors for our condo. We ordered, they installed and everything was fine until one big mistake and then it all went dowhil When they installed my door, they put the wrong doorknobe. It happens. I asked when they can change it. They told me a few weeks. I thought it was a long time, but I accepted their delay. Finally it took them 1 YEAR to change a simple doorknobe. ok, maybe not 1 year, but 10 months....for the right doorknobe! Advice: DO NOT PAY until completely satisfied! Otherwise, when you'll ask them politely to complet their work, they'll ignore you. You have to insiste if you want the job to be done. After 5 times, if they still promise they will get back to you, send an angry email and tell them that you're dispointed. It works. They'll call you right away. They keep ordering the wrong doorknobe but at least they'll call you. If you want things done, call the salesman that you are disapointed of their service. First he'll get mad at you (I never understood why he got mad at me when I asked when the doorknobe was going to be installed) and then he'll tell you that it's not his responsability that you're disapointed of their service. They had to come 3 times to my place because they keep bringing the wrong door knobe! Finally, they put the right doorknobe, 10 months after they installed my door. The lock and the doorknobe are still not quite matching but I was so frustrated that I decided to leave it there. Oh, and they don't apologies for their mistakes. I thought by going to a more expensive place I would pay for quality product and good service, but I presumed wrong, the service was horrible. Moral of the story: DO NOT PAY UNTIL COMPLETELY SATISFIED! Good luck!

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