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316 Av Victoria, Westmount QC H3Z 2M8
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    My goto team for any home reno or home repair

    We have been using Newsam Reno since we bought our home 60+ year old home in 2000. We have done at least 10 projects with them as we completely modernized the home. The team is of the highest caliber and the project managers are great. We just completed two bathrooms and a laundry room. They are stunning and the workmanship is fantastic. We have also done a ceder deck, all our windows and our unistone. Over the years we have also re-painted the interior a couple of times. Next up is a kitchen reno in two weeks.

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    Impeccable Service and great workmanship

    Newsam services runs their business the old-fashioned way: Impeccable service, courteous, extremely competent and fastidious painters.  I have been using Newsam for my house painting since 2006 and would never consider going anywhere else.  Once you have hired Newsam you can just breathe easy.  We feel very lucky to have found them. Just recently, and with just a day's notice, Paul was able to send us a crew to paint my rental unit. We can't say enough great things about Newsam and their employees. 

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    All I could say is: what a pleasure... We were in a rush, quote came in quickly, properly accommodated to our budget, got the work done, no bickering, advised us at each stage and when workers to arrive, cleaned, and job was really done well (actually I was scared that there would have been extras $, but none). Delivered when promised. How refreshing for a change, a nostalgia of work of yesteryear or European way of doing things well and properly. I so much encourage and recommend this outfit. Regret not using prior: but we live and learn. BTW very cultured personnel. Good luck Newsam!!!

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    Newsam has been excellent

    We bought our house almost ten years ago and started using independent sub-trades, until one of our more complex jobs became too much to handle. Then we met with Newsam, and have since worked with them on our internal and external renovation projects - all of which came in on time and on budget. Most recently when we had water damage from an insane downpour, they arrived within hours and helped us through a big mess. I should mention that we live in Westmount which has exacting permit standards and have never had a problem with the quality work that Newsam has provided. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them for projects big and small.

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    Extremely satisfied

    I have hired this contractor for a few projects to date and have been extremely pleased the results. On all occassions, they have been very professional. I found them to be very considerate to ensure that we haven't been too inconvenienced during the renovations, making sure to seal off the area to limit the amount of dust and dirt spreading throughout the house. This was especially important when we re-did the guestroom in the house shortly after we had our first baby. I also really appreciated the suggestions and creative ideas proposed during the projects. Trying to think of the best layout for a bathroom, and decide among thousands of choices for flooring, lighting and finishings can be a nightmare. They really made the job painless. The quality of the work has always been top notch, which is why we hired them again. Overall, a very happy customer. I've always believed you get what you pay for, and they bring great value for the money!

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    Many Difficulties, will not hire again

    We had MAJOR PROBLEMS with these contractors Before I describe concerns note that concerns were raised to owner who placated us with guarantees that were not met (e.g. setting up recurring PM status meetings) Had 2 Project Managers - 1st was nice but couldn't manage tasks, the other was rude and condescending, did not respond to telephone calls unless called from unknown number - on the "1.5" month project we didn't hear from him for 4 weeks at one point Our project was in two phases both delivered late (e.g. the second took 4 months as opposed to 1.5 month plan). Invoices were almost invariabily inaccurate requiring significant review and fixing No timesheets were used and reported time did not match our records so conflict over billing Quality of work was mediocre, windows and bathtubs damaged, lots of paint spatter on hardwood floors

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