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    Needs improvement

    This bus depot has gone through a lot of staff changes in the last year, but that does not excuse terrible service. The people I have interacted with there are unhappy and do not show an ounce of caring for their customers. One young lady swore at me, while another young man watched and stared at me struggle with a package from behind the counter, rather than doing the humane thing: offer to help. And when I asked him to help, he would not. Check your waybills that they are sending your items to the right place (they have sent mine to the wrong places and held them there for days before I was made aware) and do not go in with expectations of friendly people who would like to help you travel or ship items. They do not seem very happy to be there and it shows in the way in which they treat their customers.

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    Réponse du marchand 2 juillet 2014

    Hi there, Thanks for your review about the bus deopot. A new ownership has taken over the place since fall 2013. We're sorry for what happened before to you. We are keeping work on improvements of the services here. We welcome you to come back here and have a look of the bus depot. Thank you.

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