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    Shannon W

    December 09 2014 ...

    December 09 2014 at approximately 18:00 hour, I was in the drive through of my nearest tims. Which I go to twice a day 7 days a week. Today was different, there was 3 vehicles in line,all of which were at the order speaker. After what seemed to be eternity my order was taken. Clearly all three of us customers were displeased because while waiting for my order I heard the vehicle in front of me showing his frustration by honking his horn on a couple of occasions. When I got to the window and noticed at least 3 staff working and no customers inside,I expressed my frustration. To my surprise I was greeted with very rude and unacceptable behavior from an employee to a customer. Needless to say I left without my order. I waited about 20 minutes to ensure I was rational and I called the store back. The manager with broken English and clearly didn't understand my questions not only was not customer friendly but rude. I asked the name of the store manager and after a brief discussion he hung up on me. I understand they may have been short staffed but with only three customers his actions are not acceptable, when dealing with customers.

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