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  • Atmosphère: 4/5
  • Nourriture: 4/5
  • Service: 4/5
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This evening I took my family for desert to an establishment I realized was busy. We can deal with that. I took my son to the washroom, which honestly Jerry's bathrooms are never the cleanest to begin with. Upon entry, we were met by a disgusting waft of fecal matter and urine, fecal matter smeared on the floor and all over a toilet seat, paper towel in the other, and the overwhelming smell of urine was ridiculous. Clearly any routine cleanliness inspections had not been done. Wait it gets better...a staff member arrives, maybe this is a routine checkup...or perhaps another customer complained. His response to the disgusting situation: hold the button on the air freshener spray to relieve the smell - for literally three minutes (I still have the test in my mouth as I type this), and wipe off the soaking wet counter top. Okay, at least it would smell better, and the countertop dry, but he was also wearing a cooking apron. One can't help but wonder - might he have been preparing food? Let's hope not. Even if he was a dishwasher, a cooking apron in the bathroom? And after he is going back to potentially wash and collect dishes with that dirty apron. How disgusting! We could not leave your facility fast enough. I do not expect an apology, or a refund. Our family has literally been scared from ever using their services again. My experience was horrible, and will never happen again.

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Burgers by the pound. How much can you eat for...

Burgers by the pound. How much can you eat for your dollar? They load on heaps of great food in a great atmosphere.,

Atmosphère: 4/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 4/5
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