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62 Elizabeth Dr, Gander NL A1V 2S3
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Family Friendly

My 4 children and I began going to this dental office soon after we arrived with the military. We have lived all over Canada and in the USA, and we have found the service here and patient care 5 Star! My youngest (5) had a tooth pulled and never once cried for his Mom. My next child had a filling and stated she never felt the needle for freezing, my two oldest sons, do not hesitate to visit our dentist knowing just the level of TLC he gives. As well the two oldest had braces started in this office. They moved away on their own and the follow-up ortho care in BC was pleased with the orthodontic work on both of their teeth. I am bringing my 72 yr old Mom over for possible dental surgery in the new year. She has been waiting too long for this procedure, I have convinced her Dr Cipaianu will do all that is required if surgery is needed. I am very impressed with the overall care of my whole family in this dental office. Staff and hygienists are professional and very polite.

Service: 5/5
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Best Denatl Office

I had a very pleasant experience with the staff as well as the dentist. They were extremely nice and helpful. I would highly recommend this dental office to anyone.

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Wanda L

worse care of my life.

service was nice until i got to see the dentist i wanted 2 teeth removed cuz i was having bad toothache's can't eat or drink anything without having pain and he wouldn;t take them out so i am still in pain because of him...all he says is are you sure it hurts and that i need my teeth for another 65 years i would never go back there not even if i was paid....the paniet asks for something he/she should get what they want. when i know other people that have went they 4 the same reason i did and got what they wanted. however he had no problem taking my money...for a cleaning i didn't ask for.if someone had to say there was going there i'd strongely talk them out of it.

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