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    Worst Customer Service Experience, Ever

    I have never dealt with a company with such little regard for customer service. I was treated like an inconvenience from start to finish. They made us arrange for our own man power and showed up 1.5 hours late. Then they refused to move the furniture into our home because they said (without measuring) that it wouldn't fit through our door. They then took our merchandise without resolving the issue and told me to call 'the boss' who was incredibly rude and unhelpful. I was treated like a total inconvenience for asking them to do their job. After my husband called the office, they decided to deliver it again hours later on the condition that we lift it ourselves. Again, absolutely absurd for a moving company. The driver never lifted a finger to help and drove off as soon as the product was off the truck...thankfully we were able to get the couches into our home without issue because they were more than capable of fitting through the doorway...something the driver would have originally known if he had taken time to measure. Long story short, the job was never completed properly and we ended up having to move the items ourselves. Could have saved a lot of money and frustration going with another company. The management was exceptionally rude on the phone and made me feel as though their incompetence was my fault. From the first phone call to the last, I was made to feel like my request was a weird one...like they were doing me a favor when I was in fact paying for a service that they advertise. It was horrid. One of the worst experiences I have ever had with a company. Incredibly stressful and completely unnecessary. If you're moving large items, go with anyone else.

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    Réponse du marchand 12 septembre 2014

    I am sorry to hear you have encountered such a bad experience when using our Courier Company. Some of your re-marks sound very out of character for our staff and I would like to with you further on the matter. I can be reached at anytime at the number listed above. Thank you, Rebecca R, Operations Manager

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