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    Do not recommend the company they need to fire all their drivers and rehired of half of them don't know where to even go so they need to rely on GPS and tonight the guy had no idea where I lived and he did not have access to a GPS so I needed to use mine because he would not listen to my directions at all generally it only charged me $12.50 every night to get home from work and for the past couple times it went anywhere from 14 to $15 because they took the longest way possible do not use

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    Amir A

    Terrible company, terrible drivers. I forgot my phone in the cab and immediately called their operator. He said he is unable to determine which driver dropped me off because they don't keep track of their drivers. (What!?) I call my phone, the driver picks up and says he'll return the phone for 20$ delivery charges (this was literally 5 minutes after I was dropped ofd) I report it back to citywide and they do NOTHING about it. Awful drivers all in all, awful operators, awful rates.

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    not great

    Not the greatest company, that is for sure. They don't tell you when they are giving you a flat rate so you end up paying a fortune on airport runs (I once went from the airport to airport heights which is about two minutes for 12.50). they are also pretty rude.

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