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444 Torbay Road, St John's NL A1A 5J3
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    Just picked up a great new Cort Guitar. Salesperson wasnt pushy, really felt like they wanted to help me pick something that suited me rather than trying to up sell. Will be back!

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    Awesome Service

    Used to get my work done at a Big Box store and found their service expensive and limited. Decided to try The Music Collection because they are also in my area. The work done was top notch. Got more done for less money the the other guys. From now on all my Guitar service is going there.

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    Drum Kit Delivery

    Just had my son's new Ludwig Drum Kit delivered. Great service! Set it all up in my home, checked the tuning once it was in - all at no extra charge! Now I just have to keep it hidden till Christmas Day.

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    A fantastic year ...

    A fantastic year of music lessons! Thank you :)

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    Horrible Service

    I went to The Music Collection on Torbay Rd to get my violin re-stringed and to purchase accessories. When I was in the shop, I was asking for a particular item (practice mute) that they had for sale. I knew what I wanted, and what I wanted wasn't as expensive as other mute's (Orchestra) available. The person at the counter was completely ignoring me in what I was saying, even when I stated that I did NOT want what he was offering - only what I asked for. He then proceeded to try to put the orchestra mute on my violin (incorrectly, might I add - which could have caused damage) even after proclaiming that I did not want it several times. After the situation was resolved, I just wanted to get the violin re-stringed and was promised it to be completed within two days. Two WEEKS later, after calls, promises, and more calls, I had had enough and went to the shop to demand my violin back to take it elsewhere. It were only for that fact that the owner was present in the shop that the person on the counter immediately put the strings on my violin (which they hadn't even started). Horrible, horrible service there. Seemed like the counter person was only interested in up-selling me items that he had no idea about, and almost caused damage to my instrument. Will NEVER go there again, and will never suggest this place to family, friends, or anyone!

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    Réponse d'entreprise 30 mai 2014

    We are sorry to hear you are not happy with your experience. We always try to give the best customer service possible. Our repairs are always completed in the order they arrive. We strive to complete them all as soon as possible. There is always a supervisor or manager available to address any concerns and to rectify any issues that may arise. We would be happy to compensate you if you would like to contact us at the telephone number or email on our listing above.

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