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  • Service: 2/5
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Mike K

Reliable personal...

Reliable personalized service.

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Jason W

Terrible that thi...

Terrible that this is the only import repair facility... and they know it. Over priced, under organized and arrogant ownership. I did not have the option of no stars.

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Nick L

I STRONGLY discou...

I STRONGLY discourage any one from doing business with this establishment. They charged us over $270 to do a simple oil change (no inspection included) and to replace 3 wiper blades - made a complaint with BBB and advise all others to avoid Autotec in the future.

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Tiarella H

Poor Customer Service

Autotec claims to the be the imported automobile export in Yellowknife and they seem to believe that this allows for them to be lousy in customer service. I brought my car in for a tune-up - I had already done my own oil change - and asked them to check out my brakes as part of the inspection. They replaced a couple spark plugs, filled up my windshield fluid and gave me a $180 bill. I enquired about my brakes and they claimed they were fine. I don't know how they can overlook screaming and locking brakes!?! They were unhelpful bordering on rude. They are overpriced and arrogant. Take your business to someone who will actually do something with your money!

Service: 2/5
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