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Évaluations et commentaires - Kutters Hairstyling

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Karina M

Friendly staff, m...

Friendly staff, make you feel important and valued as a client. Helpful and great styling advice. Loved my experience!

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Robin C

Subtly is the best design

I asked a co-worker whose hair ALWAYS looks great where she got her hair cut -- her own naturally great hair aside, no matter how she wears it, it's flattering, falls well, wears well. She recommended Kutters. True, the staff was courteous and kind but I was most impressed, happily, with the fact the stylist really listened to me. When I outlined the challenges I face in my hair regime (I haul water) and my general lack of patience with complicated styles, she didn't try to persuade me to try something nifty just because it would look good. She paid careful attention to what I wanted and what I effort I was willing to put into day to day and long term maintenance of my hair style, asked me relevant questions, and explained exactly what she had in mind, WHY she thought it would work for me, and asked me what I thought and felt. Then, she actually did what I asked her to do. I found it interesting that there was a range of ages in the clientele from adolescent to senior citizen. To me, this indicates a versatile staff and a loyal customer base. The foils are subtle but effective and the layers sit nicely, even when I have bedhead!!! The style is adaptable and subtle and garnered loads of compliments from people at work. The service was helpful, fun, attentive, and included coffee in biodegradable cups. The cut is top notch, and yep, the bang trims are free (after all, the best advertisement they can invest in are styles that stay looking fresh and well maintained). Perhaps best of all, there was no pressure to purchase product -- not just towards myself but in what I overheard in conversations between other stylists and customers. Like it or not, impressions can be important, and having someone you trust ready to help you to decide what impression you want to make, and how you're going to make it, is important. Having someone that can do all that, provide coffee and some laughs - that's truly worth 5 stars!

Service: 5/5
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It was a great experience. My usual hairdresser moved to a different salon and after many attempts of trying to get a hold of him, i decided to switch my stylist. The hairdresser cut my bangs and my hair wonderfully. She introduced herself to me and told me exactly what she was doing to my hair, and adviced me throughout how she was going to cut my hair. She even told me that bangs are free to cut. ( : The service was good, and i would reccommend kutters to anybody looking for a good haircut, at a reasonable price.

Service: 4/5
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