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339 York Blvd, Hamilton ON L8R 2X9
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  • 11 $ à 25 $,

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    We paid $100 for New Year's Eve - didn't get a table. I called them, and the receptionist was very defensive, rude, and definitely not sympathetic to me as a customer. She tried to justify the $25 for the band that I was playing . I told her that I went to Baltimore House for FREE on New Year's Eve!! You know what she said? "You should've stayed there". Before I got hung up on with , the receptionist jolted "200 people had fun, clearly not you ". Don't come here, this place is terrible

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    went there

    When I went I left feeling like i didn't get my moneys worth. And the service was bad. Food not bad but pricey. I ordered wings and beers bill was about 90

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    My Concert Stopover Place!

    We were going to the Motley Crue concert at Copps and happened by Stonewalls Restaurant. Wow, what a nice surprise! We weren’t expecting much just, something to tie us over until we got back to Kitchener. They were really busy and found us room at the bar. The bar was very classy with granite counter tops and a couple of really nice bartenders. Our food came in good time considering how busy they were and every one really enjoyed their food and time spent there. My Stonewalls burger was delicious and fries were obviously done fresh in house, nice and crispy! We had mega martinis in huge martini glasses and it made for some really cool pictures. Next time I go to a concert at Copps I know where I am going. Stonewalls!

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    Totally amazing!

    After reading the reviews online I almost didn't come here. It makes me wonder if some people have a vendetta against this place?? The weather was cool when we went so we didnt sit on the patio, but we had a quick look at it and it looks really nice. Nice flowers, tables, umbrellas etc, it looks very inviting and we will come back to enjoy it as soon as we can. The wait staff was very friendly and welcomed us to Stonewalls upon our arrival. Our server (Shelby) told us all about the new menu (apparently it was just out a few days) and informed us about the up coming events. I'm really looking forward to coming back for the live music. Our server told us how we could find the up coming bands under events on their web page and gave us a business card for Ellie with their web site on it. We had a nice little chat with Shelby and was very pleased to have her as our server. She should get a raise she made our night. I didn't think I was ever going to get my wife to leave she was having so much fun. After looking at the menu I found so many things I wanted to try I didn't know where to start. Shelby recommend a few of their new items to try and we chose the pulled pork sliders to start with. It came with 3 different sauces served on a pretzel bun and we found them very tasty and presented well. For our main course I had my Old time favorite fish and chips and my wife had surf and turf ravioli. The fish and chips was one of the best I have had, crispy, nice golden brown and Shelby made sure we knew we were eating award winning Gold medal fries which she did not lead us wrong, they were delicious and well deserving of many medals in my opinion. My wife said the surf and turf ravioli was like having a party in her mouth (that sort of scares me) but I could tell she was really enjoying it so I had to try it. I don't know about having a party in my mouth but it was very good. Its to hard to make at home fresh so if you are up for some amazing pasta then give this a go. All the portions are big and we ended up taking enough home for lunch the next day. Ellie came to our table and asked us how everything went as we were looking at our bill. We shared with her how we hear their ads on Y108 all the time so thought about giving it a try but almost didn't come from all the bad reviews we had read online before coming out for dinner. I could tell she really cares about Stonewalls and learned from her its not a chain like we thought. Its a family run business, her and her brother (Darren I think) trying to make a nice warm place, for regular people to come eat, hang out and have fun. We were happy to hear they cater to a older clientele on the weekends for entertainment and will surely come back to try out the dance floor. All in all, we were very pleasantly pleased with our first experience with Stonewalls. Our server Shelby, the food, the warm cozy atmosphere, everything was bang on. Either they have really stepped up their game from all these bad reviews we have read about or maybe there is something going on behind the scenes that is suspect. I don't know, I am just glad my wife said "Don't believe everything you read online" actually I think she said newspapers, but you get the idea, and came for a very enjoyable evening. Give them a try, I believe you will have a wonderful evening just like we did. And if you want a great server, ask for Shelby or Ellie.

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    Best Food and Service

    I don't know what restaurant all these bad reviews ate at, but I've sampled almost everything there is to offer on this menu. Not only is everything homemade, fresh and delicious, but unique. They have a unique twist on calamari which we were told my our server is done on-site by there Chef. There is always a unique soup every time I have gone. Something I have never even heard of at any other restaurant, such as 'Dill Pickle Soup', 'Chicken Caesar Salad soup' and 'Pepperoni Pizza Soup' They sometimes have fresh mussels on the weekends which are delicious! The burgers are the best I have had anywhere, not to mention creative. The fries are also home made and hand cut. All I can say is I have been here several times and have yet to have a bad meal. Although it is busy every time I have gone, they can definetly use with putting more service staff on. A lot of times when I am in there, there is only one server on, bar tending as well as scurrying from table to table. Why a place the size of this would only have one server working and no bartender at all at anytime is ludacris.

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    30 juin 2019

    Fucking Awesomeness!!

    Atmosphère: 5/5

    Cuisine: 5/5

    Service: 5/5

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