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339 York Blvd, Hamilton ON L8R 2X9
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    Now, here's a place that appreciated our Business!

    After our last experience at another restaurant where we couldn't get a server to bring us a drink we left and came to Stonewalls. Our server Stacy, was amazing, attentive, and informative. This was our first time here and we asked her a bunch of questions and she took the time to answer our questions and tell us about everything that Stonewalls has to offer. She informed us about the features of the day and drink specials. Our food was really really good and the fries, OMG, they were awesome! The atmosphere is very modern and has a nice classy feel to it. We'll be back, and Thanks Stacy for the great service, we found our new hang out!

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    So good!

    When Stonewalls originally opened in my neighbourhood I start counting down the days until they would inevitably have to close down. I thought the decor and the upper-end menu would not match the area's tastes. I am so pleased I was wrong! For me, Stonewalls has been fantastic. There is something for everyone on the menu and all of it has been good to very good, no matter what time of the day I go. There is often something going on at night (poker, trivia, live music) and there is a solid crowd 25-55 years old, never rowdy and the dress code seems to be business casual for most patrons. Their service is courteous and they take the time to get to know you and what you want. They are willing to work with dietary restrictions and make recommendations. The owner circulates regularly and knows all of their regular clientele. The decor is very nice: stone walls, well-light bar, large tables, many TVS... It is all very new, modern and fresh looking. They have a stage and a dance floor for weekend nights, big tables, lots of seating and I'm happy to bring both my friends AND clients to Stonewalls. I've liked everything I've ordered. In particular, they make a great cobb salad, pot roast grilled cheese, beer battered brie, artichoke dip and their fries are among the better ones I've had. It blows my mind that their are bad reviews on this restaurant, it's totally different from everything else downtown in an amazing way. Don't let them throw you off, this place is well above average and doesn't deserve any negative hype.

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    Great Experience

    Must say i really enjoyed my time at stonewalls, went for a birthday party and they already had the reservation set up to accommodate us all. Staff are all very friendly and work together. The food was super fast for the number of ppl we had. Love the location and decorations. Everything was great. Thanks again Stonewalls. P.S. love all the entertainment and updates in the view!!!!!

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    I have been looking for somewhere like Stonewalls in Hamilton for a long time. I haven't found anywhere where under one roof you can find amazing live music, delicious food and a fun and friendly staff. We were there to see Tomi Swick on a Tuesday night and we had a blast. I have a lot of dietary needs and my server was very accomodating and spoke with the chef about what would be suitable for me. I ended up getting the cobb salad and the catch of the day which was very fresh. The cobb salad was the best I have ever had. I will definitely recommend this restaurant to friends and can't wait to go back for more music soon!

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    Pleasantly Surprised!

    My friend invited us out for dinner and not having heard about Stonewalls I thought I would read some reviews about it prior to going. After I did this I called my friend back and asked if we could go some where else. The reviews were mostly bad to say the least. My friend said he has never heard any reviews about Stonewalls but goes there all the time and its been great each time. So I relented and off to Stonewalls we go. From the out side it was okay and wasn't sure what to think, but as soon as I walked in and saw the warm decor and the size of it, I was relieved, its beautiful inside. I thought this is a place I can see my self coming to for a great night out. But, I was concerned about the food after all the reviews I read so still not sure. We were greeted very warmly by Jennifer at the door who also served us. She is so nice and friendly and what a smile. She took us to a booth, now that is a booth, lol. It easily fit all six of us and one of my friends is on the rather hmm large size and we all fit very comfortably in the booth. We got the menu and we all decided to order some apps to share. We ordered the calamari, Beer Battered Brie, and Irish Nachos. I wasn't expecting much after reading all the reviews and was in a little bit of a sour mood because of it and ready to be the first to have something go wrong so I could say to my friend "I told you so". I tried the calamari first, and wow, is all I can say. After everything I read the last thing I was expecting was tasting the best darn calamari I have ever had. What a nice surprise. I had the Irish Nachos next and they had a nice kick to them and where nice and crispy with a ton of cheese on them. I tried the beer battered brie next and really enjoyed the fresh berries on top, really nice, but the big winner of the apps was without a doubt was the calamari that was served with 3 sauces. Go try it yourself, its amazing! It was Prime Rib night so that had me sold as soon as I heard that and my girl friend had the Malibu Coconut Rum Chicken Pasta dish (anyway to get more booze in her, lol) My prime Rib was perfectly cooked, I am not big on peppers in my veggies but the rest was really tasty. The pasta was cooked al dente, and my g/f loved it. For me, I like it the way I grew up with it in my non-Italian family, over cooked! My rather large sized friend who goes to Stonewalls often had the Stonewalls burger and he talked about it so much after dinner I thought it should be nominated for an Oscar or something. I didn't taste it but man, it sure did look good. I cant remember any of the other dishes our other friends had but every one really enjoyed their food and had a wonderful time. And it was my friend who said to me "I told you so". I am glad I was proved wrong, Stonewalls is the place to be for great food and a pleasant atmosphere. For me, this has taught me a big lesson. Give every place a chance and don't believe everything you read. I do have one regret, I wish I had a bigger stomach. Desert looked amazing but had no room for it, guess that means another trip down to Stonewalls, lol. On our way out a grey haired man (Manager?) was standing at the front entrance and asked us how everything was. I told him I almost didnt come to Stonewalls because of all the negative reviews I read and was pleasantly surprised to have great food and an amazing server. He said "Yes, we get that all the time". He very candidly stated they have had some bad nights but with the new chef on staff have been slowly changing the perception of Stonewalls one customer at a time. He also said, if you have a great experience do you rush home and write a review about it? Most people don't, but if you have a bad one, you go out of your way to tell every one. Truer words have never been spoken. On the way home I talked to my girl friend about his words and made a point of making a commitment to writing this review. Sorry for not rushing home and doing it right away, but after all

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