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  • Chinoise,


  • Restaurant avec service de livraison,
  • Restaurant avec service de réception,
  • Plat à emporter,
  • Restaurant avec service de traiteur,
  • Restaurant avec spectacles,
  • Réservation,


  • Affaires,
  • Familiale,

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  • Anglais,
  • Cantonais,
  • Mandarin,
2460 Neyagawa Blvd, Oakville ON L6H 7P4
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  • 11 $ à 25 $,

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Évaluations et commentaires - Cynthia's Chinese Restaurant

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Nicely decorated, the staff dress in traditional costumes, the food is good and they are always open throughout the year

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Disgusting Service Ever!

Will never go there again ! Bad experience ever had! The waiter throw dity napkin and dish infront of us before we pay the bill and made big noises! The mess almost got on my shirt. So much things went on...they were so rude and had bad manner! Awful

Atmosphère: 1/5
Nourriture: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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Glenn d

amazing food grea...

amazing food great great atmosphere. will never eat Chinese food anywhere else.

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Excellent food se...

Excellent food served elegantly in wonderful surroundings, ambient decor. Wonderful live gentle music on Thursday nights, very reasonably priced, staff are focused on looking after you're every need. I will never dine anywhere else now!

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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Excellent service decor and food

The servers at Cynthia's are dressed in a variety of northern Asian dress. Very colorful and definitely an attraction to this restaurant. Apart from that the service is prompt and the food elaborately and decoratively prepared. We like all the dishes we have tried on our many visits

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overattention is not a good thing

Whenever I attend here personally I feel constantly watched. Waitresses hover - to such an extent that the table is uncomfortable. We have been here 5 times and on each occasion it is the same. The waitresses appear to be watched by managers so closely that a plate is taken away before you finish swallowing. I know that they are trying but it is too much. The food is very good - which keeps me coming back but from now on I will only do take out. It is much more expensive than the typical chinese food but there is lots of meat and flavor.

Atmosphère: 3/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 1/5
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Great value for takeout

After trying about 5 chinese restaurants in Oakville, we love the food at Cynthia's. The spring rolls are delicious and always crispy. The chicken wings are deliciously sticky and tasty. Always plenty of shrimp in the shrimp fried rice and the meals we order we always love. We always get takeout (pickup) which you get 10% off the price if you pay cash. The current takeout menu has a coupon for a free fried rice and still includes 10% discount for pickup orders. We have dined in once and won't do that again. The service was very impersonal and abrupt. My sister was visiting from overseas and wanted to take a photo of the elaborate outfits the wait staff wear and they didn't want to be in the photo and were quite rude about it. The dine-in prices are much more expensive than takeout. I've rated the "value" on takeout prices. The washrooms are classy, the atmosphere is nice with background music and the chinese decor is elaborate and authentic which is a nice touch right down to the waterfall and treelights inside the entryway. Pity about the service and pricy dine-in menu.

Atmosphère: 4/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 1/5
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