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594 College St, Toronto ON M6G 1B3
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Making Italian food at home is fun with all the creativity you can put into it. You can mix practically anything into a pasta sauce so long as it tastes good to you. Even better than doing this at home is giving your executive orders to kitchen staff while eating out. You can sit back and sip your wine while you wait for your customised pizza or dish of pasta to arrive piping hot in front of you. “We call it the three P's menu,” says Café Diplomatico owner Rocco Mastrangelo Jr. “You get to pick your own noodle and sauce, your own pizza toppings and your own panini filling down to the last onion.”

Rocco’s dad and Uncle Paul started this three-generation family business when they opened in the spring of 1968. Rocco stepped in after university when he figured that it was a good fit. “I love working with people, I’ve always been a foodie and College Street was just starting to become trendy then.”

The brothers named the spot Café Diplomatico to welcome homesick Italians who were looking for a political debate over coffee as well as to show non-Italians that they were welcome.

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Always a great experience coming to the Diplomatico. you'd think that Nonna was in the kitchen the food is so delicious and authentic but close enough the chef their Malic serves up his own signature style on a plate each and every time we come in.

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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Great coffee, love the vibes

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One of my favorit...

One of my favorite breakfast places! Staff is always nice and on point.

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Not welcome

We went here after hearing so much about it as its promoted everywhere when it comes to television and newspapers during sports seasons when everyone comes to here to celebrate and watch eagerly. However I did not find anything special about this place. In fact we had a very uncomfortable stay here for our coffee's that we wanted to get out as soon as possible. Although nothing in terms of service or food was neglectful the atmosphere was not very accommodating.

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I love this place

It just gives me great pleasure to be in little Italy. I love their deep fried calzone. I know it is deep fried, but I am doing my best to gain some weight because I am very thin. The service is great here.

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Decent place

We've gone to Little Italy quite a few times, this time, we decided to try Cafe Diplomatico. We chose to go here because the atmosphere looked very relaxed and it was busy on Friday night. The portion sizes that we saw seemed to be pretty reasonable too. We were seated by the kitchen and in clear view of the Leafs/Sabres hockey game! Terrific. However, the light above us was out making it a little more difficult for us to see. Our server was pretty attentive throughout the rush which was pretty great. FYI - Pop is reasonably priced but there are no refills. We ordered Bruschetta bread for two of us, and garlic bread with cheese, the bruschetta bread had a lot of mozzarella melted over the lot of it - something I don't mind, but it did over power the taste of tomatoes. The garlic bread was nicely done, with a nice presence of garlic. Two of us ordered veal parmigiana one with spaghetti and bolognese (50cent charge for the upgrade to bolognese from the house tomato sauce) the other with fettuccine alfredo (75cent charge). The other ordered penne alfredo. We're not sure why, but it seemed that every other table was served bread with their pasta or main dishes however we did not receive any. The veal was well seasoned and for the price ($13), it was well worth the try. The bolognese sauce was great, lots of meat and well seasoned sauce. It didn't over power the noodles, but there was a good serving in it. There were no complaints with the fettuccine alfredo either. However the penne alfredo left much to be desired. It tasted okay, however there was a lot of runny sauce in the bowl. It seemed to be more sauce than pasta water, but we just weren't too sure. It would have been great if we were able to get some bread, but again - we are not sure if we were supposed to get bread or not and we didn't ask either. All in all, we would definitely try the place again with different meals (although, I could go for some more of that bolognese sauce!). The prices very reasonable, especially for Little Italy! FYI - They don't take debit but they do have an atm downstairs. Luckily our server told us that our bank was close by so we avoided those fees! :-D

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Service is alright but the food is horrible. Probably the one of the worst "italian" restaurants i have been to. decent place for drinks and cheap appretizers on a nice summer day to eat outside on their patio.

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