Check out these cheap lunch eats in Halifax

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Grocery shopping while hungry typically leads to grabbing all the wrong stuff and spending extra cash. Don't kill your finances with those hunger-induced, quick-fix lunches! Eat well and save your bankroll with this list of cheap lunch spots in Halifax. From BBQ to Korean tacos, these shops will satisfy your cravings.

Ciboulette Cafe & Catering Ltd

1541 Barrington St, Halifax NS B3J 1Z5

These guys don't make your average grilled cheese. Fans call the decently priced panini from this sandwich place the best in town, since it uses aged cheddar and fresh ingredients like basil and sun-dried tomatoes. If you have room, make sure to take the amazing broccoli salad on the side. You'll like the atmosphere, too: it's small, cozy and great for pairing a quick bite with a steaming cup of coffee. Ciboulette fills up fast though, so try to beat the lunch rush!

Boneheads BBQ

1014 Barrington St, Halifax NS B3H 2P9

If you're a fan of pulled pork, you'll be in heaven at this downtown spot serving up classic Southern BBQ. Not only is the melt-in-your-mouth pork as succulent as it gets, but the sandwich is unbelievably cheap, too. The ribs, sausage, shredded chicken and brisket are big draws for regulars; don't forget to dress it all up with sweet potato fries, beans and cornbread. A casual counter-serve restaurant, this tiny space is perfect for simply getting down to the business of eating BBQ done right.

Burritto Jax

5215 Blowers St, Halifax NS B3J 1J5

Visit this downtown spot if you're craving a burrito; the pulled pork burrito is a standout favourite. Build the perfect Mexican wrap while chatting with the friendly staff behind the counter, who combine your choice of meats, veggies, salsas, sauces, rice and beans into a large, beautiful burrito. There's also a nice youthful vibe, light Mexican-themed decorations and modern tunes playing in the background. Squeeze into the small seating area, but you might be jostled by line-ups of people eager for their grab-and-go lunchtime burrito fix.

Westcliffe Restaurant

3089 Oxford St, Halifax NS B3L 2W8

This much-loved Mom & Pop spot has a reputation for cooking the very best burger in town, using high-quality ground beef cooked to juicy perfection and served alongside thick-cut fries. You'll love the atmosphere of the cozy diner, too, energized by the friendly duo who bicker amongst one another and banter happily with customers as they prepare food. This spot serves up rare value, with prices that look like they're stuck in 1972, and the charismatic Mom & Pop team who frown upon overly generous tips.

The Wooden Monkey

1707 Grafton St, Halifax NS B3J 2C6

The Wooden Monkey is an inexpensive lunch option for vegans, vegetarians and everyone in between. Using locally grown organic produce, this veggie gastropub serves up delicious fare at a reasonable price, like lentil burgers, vegetable curry with super fresh East Coast scallops, and a scrummy seitan donair. Try the popular "roasties," a delicious variation on french fries. This is a great spot to have a cozy lunch date with friends or a mate, surrounded by a classy vibe. The huge windows allow for great downtown people-watching, too.

Indochine Banh Mi

1551 S Park St, Halifax NS B3J 4B4

This casual counter-serve Vietnamese spot is a must-try for its Asian fusion dishes and unique spin on submarine sandwiches and tacos. Fans rave about the chicken pho, Korean tacos and the pork meatball sandwich. There are many vegetarian and vegan options as well, like the delicious noodle bowls. Don't forget to try the organic mint lemonade, which you can sip in summer in the pleasant outdoor seating area. Some cozy seating can be found inside, when it's just too chilly to wolf down your Asian sub outdoors.

Doraku Foods Limited

If it's sushi you're dreaming of each night, get yourself down to this spot! Ko-Doraku offers a convenient downtown location and prices you might not believe. Try the huge rolls stuffed with delicious ingredients like shrimp tempura, salmon, barbecued eel and spicy sauce. Sushi connoisseurs rave about the perfectly prepared rice, cooked by the chef with such pride that rice bags are featured as part of the decor! You can really sit down and enjoy your lunch here, too, with plenty of seating and beautiful decor.

2 Doors Down Food & Wine

1533 Barrington St, Halifax NS B3J 1Z4

2 Doors Down is a place where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch of delicious fare without breaking the bank. Locals and visitors alike rave about this downtown spot, which bases its array of Canadiana dishes on locally sourced produce. Firm favourites include the fish tacos stuffed with local fresh halibut or haddock, the Meaty Meatless burger and a heavenly chowder. Even if there's a wait, you'll enjoy the trendy vibe in the modern-meets-rustic atmosphere. Friendly servers will keep you happy with great cocktails while you wait.

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