Free and fun activities in Vancouver

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Enjoying Vancouver’s distinctive West Coast beauty doesn’t have to come at the expense of your savings account. There is plenty to do in and around the city without forking over a dime. Here are some great ideas for free (and almost free) activities in Vancouver.

Granville Island

1661 Duranleau St, Vancouver BC V6H 3S3

Granville Island is one of the city's most-visited tourist hotspots largely thanks to the bustling market and beautiful views of downtown. There certainly are plenty of places to spend money here, but it’s just as much fun to people-watch in the many outdoor areas around the island. You can also do some great window shopping at the Net Loft.

Lynn Canyon Park

3993 Peters Rd, North Vancouver BC V7J 1Z1

With 617 acres of beautiful second growth forest, this spectacular canyon is a popular outdoor destination for nature lovers of all kinds. Hike along Lynn Canyon’s gorgeous trails, and be sure to work up the courage to cross the suspension bridge. You can also have a picnic and even go for a swim if you don’t mind icy cold water temperatures.

Richmond Night Market

River Rd, Richmond BC V6X 1Y1

Held through the summer nights, the Richmond Night Market is a wonderful Chinese tradition brought to Vancouver 14 years ago. While there is now a small admission for those over 10 and under 60, it’ll only cost you $2.25 to get in or $20 for the whole year. You’ll get to experience the hustle and bustle of a lively market and soak up the traditions and cultures of the Lower Mainland’s Chinese population. We should warn you that vendors will tempt you with delicious foods and fun merchandise, but the prices here are very cheap.

Stanley Park

610 Pipeline Rd, Vancouver BC V6G 1Z4

Stanley Park is the city’s premier green space and an extremely popular attraction. The expansive urban park features beautiful woodland, pleasant trails and stunning scenery. Grab your bike or just go for a long walk around the Seawall and explore the gorgeous trails and wonderful waterfront views. It’s no surprise this is often the first stop for tourists visiting Vancouver.

University of British Columbia

2121 West Mall, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4

The University of British Columbia boasts one of the country’s most photogenic campuses. Located on the very western tip of the city, you can spend hours walking around visiting the historic buildings and meticulously maintained grounds. There are plenty of beautiful vistas, gardens and museums to check out, or you can take a walk on the wild side and venture down to Wreck Beach, Vancouver’s notoriously wacky nude beach.

Canada Place

780-999 Canada Pl, Vancouver BC V6C 3E1

If you haven’t been, you’ve probably seen it in photos. Vancouver's iconic Canada Place is located on the waterfront right at the edge of downtown. Walk along the pier, feel the breeze coming in from the harbour, and spend an hour or two watching the big ships sail by.

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