Halifax's best places for take-out

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Whether it’s after a long day of work, or you are picking something up on your lunch break, take-out food can save you the hassle of having to prepare your own meal. A lot of the time, take-out ends up being fast food or a greasy pizza at the local pizzeria, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Halifax has a great selection of places that offer top quality take-out. Check out this list for the scoop!

Freeman's Little New York

6092 Quinpool Rd, Halifax NS B3L 1A1

When late-night hunger hits, it can sometimes be a struggle to find a place that is both open late, and worthy of your hard-earned dollars. This is where Freeman’s comes in. Located on Quinpool Road and open until 5AM every night, they have a well-rounded menu that is available for take-out and delivery. While the food could be described as “pub grub”, it doesn’t have the greasy feel often associated with this kind of food. Try one of their New York style pizzas, like The Iron Worker, which is loaded with four different kinds of meat.

Habaneros Modern Taco Bar

1551B South Park St, Halifax NS B3J 4B4

If you’re looking for something a little different, and like your food with a bit of a kick, Habaneros is the place for you. Tucked away on South Park Street, Habaneros describes their food as modern Mexican with a twist. The menu includes tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos, all of which are made from their wide selection of ingredients. Stop in and order yourself a burrito bowl, which is a burrito in salad form, customized to your liking, if you’re in need of a quick, flavourful bite!

Wasabi House

6403 Quinpool Rd, Halifax NS B3L 1A7

If you’re in the mood for sushi, Wasabi House is the place to go for take-out. Located on Quinpool Road across from the Oxford Theatre, it is a popular location amongst students and the older crowd alike. Their menu is packed full of different Asian cuisine options, and isn’t just limited to sushi. They are also known for giving extra sushi to customers, which is always a good thing. Check them out during their Happy Hour, which is every night from 9-11pm, for awesome deals on their delicious sushi!

Bramoso Gourmet Pizzeria

6169 Quinpool Rd, Halifax NS B3L 4P6

Pizza is easily one of the most popular take-out options around, and with good reason. There are plenty pizza joints in the city, but there are only a select few that have earned the gourmet classification, and Bramosa is one of them. Their menu has various options such as salads, paninis, and wraps, but the popular choice is their pizza. They have a list of classic pizza topping combinations, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try one of their signature pizzas, like the McAngelo which has white sauce, spinach, sausage, cremini, tomato, and fresh basil.

Silver Lake Restaurant

1649 Bedford Row, Halifax NS B3J 1T1

Chinese take-out is also another popular option, but there are a lot of sub-par locations out there that don’t mind taking your money in exchange for their “just alright” food. Thankfully, The Great Wall offers a very tasty Chinese food option, at prices that won’t break the bank. Located downtown on Bedford Row, The Great Wall is open to 10pm every day, and is a quick and delicious option for take-out Chinese. If you’re looking for a couple of different food dishes, get one of their filling combination plates, which are a steal at only $9-$13.

Mezza Lebanese Kitchen

1558 Barrington St, Halifax NS B3J 1Z6

Another worthwhile option for some delicious take-out is Mezza Lebanese Kitchen, located on the busy Barrington Street. Open late (until 4am), Mezza is a great option for the late-night crowd, but it is also just as good, and convenient, for the busy downtown lunchtime crowd. With a menu full of shawarmas, poutines, donairs, and pizza, their food is a quick and easy option, especially when you just don’t have the time or the energy to make your own meal. It’s also an added bonus that the food they serve tastes great and is super filling!

Rise and shine, Halifax! It’s early in the morning, and you’re ready to start your day with the most important meal. With so many places offering breakfast and your head still groggy, choosing one can be a daunting task. This list will point you in the direction of several excellent eateries for a satisfaction-guaranteed morning meal!
There is nothing better than the taste (and smell) of freshly baked food. Whether it is a warm loaf of bread, or a sweet, delectable pastry, bakeries are a great place to try out both new creations, as well as some classic favourites. Thankfully, Halifax has a great selection of bakeries, no matter what you’re looking for. Here’s a list of some of the best bakeries in the city, that people just can’t stay away from!
When you want a cheap meal out, most folks turn to burgers. To the delight of Halifax burger fans, it’s surprisingly easy to find exceptionally tasty budget-conscious burgers that aren’t served by fast-food chains. The eateries listed here use top-notch ingredients to create burgers that won’t take a big bite out of your wallet.
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