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A blessed occasion for parents, back-to-school time brings mixed emotions for kids. As the carefree days of summer recede, the grim spectre of homework looms. Shopping for cool yet practical school supplies at these stores will help put everyone in the frame of mind for a happy return to academia. [Image credit: iStock.com/Brauns]
What do you do when there’s little time for lunch but you have no desire for fast food? Your quest for a fast and fabulous midday meal isn’t so hard to satisfy. Here are some great ideas for a delicious, but quick, lunch.
Whether your shopping list includes electronic devices for work tasks, school assignments or home entertainment, top tech gear is available in abundance. Shop around for state-of-the-art electronics at these city stores.
Home is where the heart is, but there’s no lovin’ your pad without furniture, bedding and an assortment of framed whatnots and tabletop tchotchkes. The following shops will set you up with an array of furniture and household decor to match your budget level from student apartment to luxury condo.
A hot cup of joe and the warm and sociable surroundings of Calgary’s independent coffee shops are real productivity boosters for work and study. Most coffee shops welcome laptop tappers, but don’t abuse the privilege with five-hour, one-coffee sittings — you’ll ruin it for the rest of us!
Most of us spend a lot of our day reading on computer screens. You’re doing it now! So there’s something just so satisfying about kicking back and reading a physical book. The printed word is alive and well at these independent bookstores.
Keeping up with your kids’ clothing needs is a constant task. What fits this season will likely be threadbare and ridiculously small the next. The following shops carry smart selections that will make your youngsters’ wardrobe replenishment a pleasure.
These boots were made for walkin’, and so were these sandals, this pair of heels and these men’s dress shoes. Anytime is a good time to treat your feet right with a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes. When it comes to footwear, Calgary’s shoe stores have what you need as well as what you want.
How many times have you been up against a deadline, only to have your laptop or computer crash? Don’t let the blue screen of death get you down. Take your machine into one of these repair shops, or call and have a technician visit your house.
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