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Getting gifts for guys is a gargantuan task - we’re not always upfront about what we want and often happy with pretty well anything. A blank slate can be intimidating. Good thing Edmonton has plenty of places to find perfect presents for dudes.
It used to be impossible to know where your food came from unless you grew and cooked it yourself at home. But now, there are so many restaurants embracing the locavore trend that eating farm-to-fork when dining out is a breeze. These Edmonton restaurants source seasonal local ingredients whenever possible.
The days of the speakeasy bar being a necessity may be gone but the feeling of those establishments still lives on. Visit any one of these Edmonton bars or lounges and take in the cozy space, the well-crafted cocktails and the overall ambiance and nod to the days of the speakeasy. [Image credit: iStock.com/VectaPhoto]
For those who are tired of the same-old hamburger or chicken with your meal, there are plenty of interesting meats to choose from at restaurants around the city. Local meats like bison and elk can be satisfying or more exotic versions like alligator can pique the interest of your taste buds. [Image credit: iStock.com/nvelichko]
Whether you call it flatbread or pizza, one thing is true – it’s delicious! It may be matter of semantics, or perhaps just whether the dough is leavened or not. These are the top spots to find your flatbread/pizza fix in Edmonton. [Image credit: iStock.com/LauriPatterson]
So many nights are whiled away at the same local watering hole. You share some drinks and laughs and repeat, week after week. If you want to shake up your routine and have a memorable night out with your friends sans alcohol, check out this list of fun things to do around Edmonton. [Image credit: iStock.com/sanjeri]
Salads can often be the least appealing menu items and the absolute last thing you want to order in a restaurant. But Edmonton has some fantastic salad offerings that won’t just please your palate but will have you coming back for salads again and again. [Image credit: iStock.com/Sarsmis]
 When it comes to buying home decor, most people want to find unique pieces to standout from everyone else. In Edmonton, we’re lucky to have so many fantastic shops that carry a wide array of decor pieces for any style of home. So, whether you’re looking to fully redecorate or just add a little pizzazz to your space, check out these hidden gems for unique decor you’re sure to love! [Image credit: iStock.com/andresr]
If you need the perfect picture of joy, look no further than a dog in a park on a beautiful day – eyes lit up, tongue hanging out, tail keeping inconsistent time. Fortunately for your pup, Edmonton has acres of awesome park spaces.
Does your best buddy love food above all else? Do they know the difference between java made from beans ground by hand and lesser cups of coffee? Do they consider chocolate a food group? If so, these stores offer the tastiest and loveliest gifts for your favourite foodie pal.
While 2016 is the Chinese year of the monkey, in Edmonton restaurants it’s the year of the duck. Finding its way, in a multitude of forms, onto the menus ofEdmonton’s hippest and most popular restaurants, check out the following duck dishes to whet your appetite for this rich, fatty poultry. [Image credit: iStock.com/ALLEKO]
When you’re in desperate need of a new hairdo – whether that means a cut, colour, chemical treatment or a combination of all three – there are plenty of fabulous salons on the south side of Edmonton. Most cater to both genders and all of them have a team of talented stylists.
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