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When you think “bachelorette,” there’s a good chance that copious amounts of alcohol, naughty-shaped lollipops, and an empty bank account are what come to mind. Mix up the bride’s bachelorette party at these unconventional venues for a little pre-wedding celebration.
Winter is here, and you might be tempted to stay in bed and wallow in the winter blues, but there are places all around this great city that can help lift your spirit. Take a look and find your happy place!
In case you hadn’t noticed, combining art with a night out is one of the hottest ways to meet new people or upgrade your typical pub night. From paint-and-sip gatherings to life drawing classes to adult colouring theme nights, we’ve found some of the top events in TO to get your creative juices flowing. [Image courtesy of Paint Cabin]
When you've overscheduled yourself, your world has gone crazy and you just need some time to breathe and take stock, there's nothing better than sitting in a darkened theatre and kicking back to watch a flick. Thankfully, the city of TIFF, Hot Docs, Toronto After Dark, and countless other film festivals, has some of the greatest movie theatres in the country to help you waste away in an afternoon matinée.
The 4th annual Toronto Tea Festival is coming up this weekend at the Toronto Reference Library. Whether you’re an aficionado who wants to learn more about authentic tea ceremonies or a new convert looking for ways to get your caffeine buzz on, this event is all about tea leaf love. Check out these vendors from across the GTA who will have their blissful brews on offer.
Valentine's Day shouldn't be stressful. But, it's time to stop relying on the typical box of chocolates, teddy bears and bouquet of flowers. Seriously. It's time, instead, to appreciate the moments spent together. When it comes to this so-called Hallmark holiday, it really is the thought that counts. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that’ll make the day special for the both of you. (Photo taken at Crown Flora Studio)
As much as everyone wishes, there is no shortening a Toronto winter or stopping a summer rainstorm that persists all week long. When it gets a little too stormy to swing the racquet outside, hunker down in one of these 10 indoor tennis clubs and facilities, where you’ll never have to worry about wind, rain or snow.
So you’ve finally gotten up the nerve to ask your crush out for a drink, but you don’t want this to be just like any other first date. You need the best pub experience Toronto has to offer and we’re here to help. [Feature image: Amsterdam Brewhouse]
Toronto’s most vivid experiences come from the diversity of its neighbourhoods. The area around Yonge and Eglinton used to be a part of the largest cattle grazing space in Upper Canada. Now it’s the grazing area for urbanites from the 6ix. What follows is a guide through a day in the Yonge and Eg neighbourhood, where to eat, energize, and pick up a few new threads. [Image credit: iStock.com/olaser]
If there’s one thing to love about the long winter months, it’s skating. With so many outdoor and indoor rinks open in the city, there’s no need to hibernate after daylight saving time. After a bracing skate under a crisp blue sky or late night game of pick-up shinny, you may find that winter’s not so bad after all.
You might be the type to toss tires at CrossFit, ride the fake waves on a surfboard simulator, or scale a rock-climbing wall in two minutes flat. Whether it's a state-of-the-art gym or something you’ve never tried before (fencing, anyone?), here are 25 of the best spots in the city to get active and get fit. [Image credit: iStock.com/m-imagephotography]
If you’re the type of Toronto-dwelling record aficionado who knows your original-pressed from your re-issues and your double grooves from your roulette masterings, here is your guide to the city’s best bring your own vinyl nights and record-centric events. Or, if you’re new to the scene and interested in the old-school approach to easy listening, check out these bars spinning vinyl all week long.
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