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If you’re a Drake fan, you most definitely know about OVO Fest – a massive three-day concert that goes down annually in the 6 and brings a stellar lineup of special guests to the city (including Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and The Weeknd). To prep you for the TO exclusive festival, here are the places to run in the 6 for that OVO swag. [Image courtesy of Fitzroy Boutique]
So you’ve finally gotten up the nerve to ask your crush out for a drink, but you don’t want this to be just like any other first date. You need the best pub experience Toronto has to offer and we’re here to help. [Feature image: Amsterdam Brewhouse]
Dine above the city lights or express your love with paint and canvas. You’ll never run out of ideas on date night in Toronto's west end. Indoor or out, bar or restaurant, upscale or delightfully down-home, you choose the mood and make the moment your own. This side of the city is rich in couples fun and romance. [Image credit: iStock.com/BraunS]
Drinks and dinner always go down well for a date night, and there are plenty of options in Toronto's ever-evolving east end. The neighbourhoods east of Yonge are often underrated, but they can give the rest of the city a run for its money when it comes to excellent food and entertainment. From historic landmarks to lively pubs, your night will be popping at these date-worthy east end joints.
If you're looking to celebrate the New Year but are dreading the thought of overpowering music, jam-packed crowds and black tie dress codes, read on to see all the gems Toronto has to offer for your ideal end-of-year affair. From hip pubs and cozy eateries to board game cafés and comedy shows, there's sure to be something that fits you just right.
When you think “bachelorette,” there’s a good chance that copious amounts of alcohol, naughty-shaped lollipops, and an empty bank account are what come to mind. Mix up the bride’s bachelorette party at these unconventional venues for a little pre-wedding celebration.
Whether you want to go out for a big milestone birthday, listen to the hottest top 40 hits in a nightclub with a sexy vibe or find somewhere with more of a down-to-earth vibe, Toronto has it all. Sure you can have a dance party by yourself in the shower when no one’s watching, but when you feel like inviting others in on the party and going out on the town, check out some of our fave places to keep you moving and grooving.
This year, skip the Valentines-Day flowers and candlelit dinner and hit the town with a group of pals. Our list of Love Week hotspots has you covered from Kensington to Riverside, from dance parties to laid back locals. Check out OKStupid at Handlebar for hilariously awful online dating conversations read live or hit up the Wavelength music festival and discover Canada’s best new underground music. Who needs Cupid, anyway?
Attention sports fans! If you’ve scored yourself tickets to this weekend’s basketball, hockey, or baseball showdown, chances are you’ll be looking for a good-vibes place to grab a bite before the action starts or a pint to celebrate the result. We’ve got the goods on Toronto’s favourite go-to spots around the ACC and the Rogers Centre to pre-game, party afterwards, or just catch the event on a big screen.
Cool cats rejoice! More than 1,500 musicians will bring some serious sizzle to the city when the TD Toronto Jazz Festival returns on June 18-29. There’s plenty of action happening at the mainstage marquee in Nathan Phillip’s Square and soulful singers and instrumentalists will be performing at dozens of jazz clubs and bars across the downtown. Here are a few hip haunts where you can catch your favourite acts.
For many years, Toronto’s billiards scene was well, lacking. Elderly dives and pubs hosted rickety tables and a questionable clientele, while beloved brewpubs and craft cocktail spots remained mysteriously billiard-less. For a while there, it seemed there was nowhere in the city where you could enjoy some good company, delicious drinks and a few rounds of pool – that is, until these sweet bars stepped up.
Yes, Toronto's is flooded with darling cocktail spots and charming dives from east to west. But this weekend, why not check out one of the city's more uncommon spots, the kind that do things a little differently. We've got the goods on where to sample a low-lit sake cocktail in a Japanese rockabilly bar or catch an evocative circus act in a ritzy supper club.
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